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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Rippingtons, Jazz Meets Rock

I remember discovering this jazz group when my dad was playing their CD.  I heard a song called Victoria's Secret, and while at first it sounded like normal smooth jazz I heard a guitar solo that was slightly distorted.  It was different from the normally super clean sound I heard of a jazz guitar and it sounded really cool. After that I looked deeper into their catalog and they are now my favorite smooth jazz group.    Some how Russ Freeman has been able to a good balance between jazz and the rock guitar he throws in to create a truly unique style that I have not heard out of many jazz artists.  If you are a jazz fan these guys still have to overall sound you will like but with rock guitar thrown in. Check out the songs below and they appeal to you get their stuff on Itunes, Ebay, or Amazon.

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