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Friday, July 21, 2017

Linkin Park One Step Closer Review

Sadly, we lost the great Chester Bennington yesterday. He committed suicide by hanging himself.  His death has shocked not just the rock and metal scene, but the entire music scene as a whole.  Chester had written many of the classic so gas Linkin Park has produced but of my favorite songs from this legendary band is One Step Closer.

Musically this is one of the heaviest songs of the bands catalog. The guitar in the intro is intense and one you can't help but to head bang to.  Then Chester's voice comes in.  This song really demonstrates Chester's vocal talent and show cases the range he has.  Durint the verse he gives a very he gives a very mysterious, dark sounding voice. Then in the chorus he busts out those long loud notes that he is able to hold for a good amount of time.  Some people don't know hard it is to hold notes that long, that trully a very talented skill to have as a singer.  

Lyically this is a very dark song.  The lyrics convey the mindset of someone who is being talked down to by other people.  How the anger builds up from people being condescending towards you and how people struggle to hold in that anger.  I really loves this song lyrically because not only does it come from a real place, but this is a topic a lot of people can relate to.

With great guitar riffs, great lyrics, and Chester's fantastic vocals this was a great debut song for Linkin Park and would play a huge role to secure the bands place in music.  Chester without a doubt played the biggest part in this songs rise to fame with his amazing vocals.  He was a great singer and will be remembered as a great singer for all time.  Thanks for all the great music you gave the world Chester, RIP.  I give One Step Closer a 5 out of 5.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Purple Stone Panic Panic Review

Purple Stone is a relatively young, new visual kei band out of Osaka Japan.  They started in 2013 and have since gone through many changes since they started.  At first they were more of a hard, heavy band and has changed into more of a party rock band.  This change is made very clear in one of the bands newest singles, Panic Panic.

The first thing I like about this song is the vocals of the singer, Keiya. While I don't think he is the greatest singer in the world, he still sounds good and his voice works very well for what this song is going for.  The guitar work of Gak isn't bad but it is also nothing special.  The riffs that he plays throughout the song sound good, but are also pretty simple and very repetitive.  I am not a big fan of the techno elements in this song, but those elements are not overbearing and they work with the tone this song is going for.  Another thing I am not a big fan of is the programmed drum track they use in this song.  While it doesn't sound bad, I feel like the song would be much more powerful if they were using real drums instead of programming.  Overall, the music is not bad, but it is isn't super unique either.

Lyrically, this song fits the party feel this band is going for.  The songs lyrics are simple, yet catchy, being simply about having fun and partying on Halloween.  I am not personally a huge fan of party lyrics, I feel they are easy, cliche, and in many cases written because the record label told you to rather then coming from a real place in your life.  Having said that, I am not going to get on this bands case too much about the lyrics, because this an artistic move on their part and not because the record labels were looking over their shoulders telling them what to write.

Overall this is a good song but not a great song. The vocals are good and while the guitar sounds good it is very simplistic.  If they added a guitar solo in the songs it would have really helped the guitar stand out more.  This band also needs to get a drummer.  The drum tracks work, but if they get a drummer, their music will sound more powerful and add more energy.  However though, I still liked listening to the song and found it entertaining.  While I wont be in a rush to go buy it, I still appreciate it and would listen to it whenever it comes on.  I give this song a 3 out of 5.      

Monday, July 17, 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas, Joyful and Scary

Nightmare Before Christmas has become a classic in Disney's movie archive.  Having spent 18 million dollars on it and getting a 75 million dollar return, this is truly a great Disney success story.  This movie also has one of the most classic Disney songs of all times, This is Halloween.  This is Halloween is without a doubt the movies biggest songs.  It has been considered by many a Halloween staple and has been covered by many band and artists such as Marilyn Manson, Panic at The Disco, and many other bands world wide. However, while This is Halloween is an amazing song, there are so many other great songs this movie has to offer.  With that, lets dive into the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

Composed and written by Danny Elfman, this movie's soundtrack has dark, creepy music while at the same time containing fun, cheerful songs.  What's great about this soundtrack is that despite having some many songs that are polar opposites they still sound great and they still flow.  The main reason for that is that Elfman keeps it simple.  The majority of the songs are not over the top yet catchy to where everybody can appreciate them.  This really has to do with the fact that the concept of combining Christmas and Halloween together is complex in and of itself.  When you try to combine two elements that are total opposites you can really just ended up creating something that gives people a headache and turn them off to it.  Tim Burton knew this when he was writing this movie and Danny Elfman made sure to carry that when he wrote this soundtrack.  Elfman decided to keep it simple so that people could enjoy the concept more then the individual songs.

 While a lot of soundtracks also focus on the concept heavily as well, they typically try to incorporate their own sound and tricks into the songs to make them unique.  You see this in many John Williams, Randy Edelman big orchestra soundtracks, or musical soundtracks such as Tarzan written by Phil Collins and Lion King written by Elton John.  The reason they can do that is because the concepts they are working with are very focused and as a result they have more room to experiment with musically.  Danny Elfman didn't have that and as a result couldn't be to experimental.  However, the fact that was able to make the songs catchy is a huge accomplishment when you have so little room to be creative.

While the song This is Halloween may be the biggest hit off this soundtrack, there are many good songs that this movie has to offer.  Another good song is Kidnap the Sandy Claws.  This song is in my opinion the creepiest on the soundtrack.  With the creepy singing voices of the kids and the lyrics describing what they want to do to Santa when they catch him, this song is super dark.  The most creepy part of this song is actually the La La La part at the beginning of the song.  The creepy voices of the kids makes you feel uneasy more then some adult voices.  It actually feels more scary to hear this intro on Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion then the normal one, it is that effective.  This is a song not to over look.

My favorite song off this soundtrack though is the song that introduces the Christmas concept called What's This.  This is the first joyful song we hear on the soundtrack and while it comes out of no where initially it still fits perfectly with the scene it is associated with.  The lyrics perfectly explain what is going on through Jack's head as he is investigating this new land he has discovered and it makes you want to explore with him.  The music is in my opinion the more catchy then most other songs on this soundtrack.  The reason I think that is because way the music and voice flow together well and creates the most unique sound in this soundtrack.  The burst of energy during the verse really catches your attention and hooks you in a way most other songs don't in the soundtrack.  This is one song that is a must for me.

What makes this soundtrack so great is that even though it is simple it is still very catchy and enjoyable.  Danny Elfman does a great job being creative even though he didn't have a concept that allowed him a lot of creative room. This a case of being able to do more with less and delivering one of the most famous soundtracks in Disney history.  I highly recommend buying every song on this soundtrack and actually buying a physical CD if you find one.  With simple, yet catchy music, this one soundtrack you need to check out.  


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quest for Camelot Soundtrack, A Mixed Bag

When it comes to the Quest for Camelot movie, it is considered by most people to not be that great a movie.  From a story that isn't memorable to a protagonist that isn't considered that great, the movie did not do well at the box office.  Warner Bros. spent 40 million dollars on the movie only to see the movie gross 22 million dollars, not a success story by any stretch of the imagination.  However, one thing that people did take away from the movie and talk about was the movies soundtrack.  Depending who you talk to it was either a master piece with great songs, or was a sloppy mess that made no sense.  For me, it is somewhere in the middle.

The first thing I would like to point out is that this soundtrack does have some very good songs.  The one that everybody remembers is The Prayer by Celine Dion.  This song would become a big hit for Celine Dion, it was played on many radio stations, and covered and performed by many singers.  During the movie they show it during the chase scene where the main protagonist, Kayley is escaping.  Due to the fact that is supposed to be the mother singing, they cut out the male vocal section that is sung by Andrea Bocelli.  I view it as a brief introduction to the song, so that when you listen to the full song you get a better experience.  Both singers do a fantastic  job and the flow is smooth to create a very relaxing and pleasant experience.

The second song I would like to address is my personal favorite song, I Stand Alone, sung by Bryan White.  Bryan White does a great job singing in this song, he sounds great, he sounds energetic, and he really pours all he has into the song and delivers a great performance.  The music is a great orchestra set that sounds big and powerful and really adds to the energy of the song.  This song is used for the character Garrett to explain to Kayley why she can't join him on his journey.  The visuals shown in the movie are great.  It goes well with the music and doesn't really derail you from it.  Some people get on the movies case for showing all the special plants with no explanation, but I don't let that get to me.  I personally view it as a music video within the movie as has been done with many Disney animated movies of the time.  Some that come to mind are Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast  and Son of Man from Tarzan.  These scenes have a real music video feel to them, but it doesn't take away from the movie.  

However, while this movie has some good songs, it all has a lot of songs that are not great and some that are bad.  One song that I really don't like is Ruber's Song.  Gary Oldman is a good actor but the guy cannot sing.  He tries but he comes off as obnoxious and annoying in some parts, while in other parts he sounds like he tries to hard and he cant deliver the melody well.  Another song I really don't care for is If I Didn't Have You.  The first problem is that musically, this song sounds really out of place.  While the majority of the soundtrack has more of orchestra or soft song that fits the time period the move is set in, this song is set in more modern times and it doesn't blend well. The vocals in the song are not great, these guys clearly cannot sing and don't deliver well on the melody.  I get that it is supposed to be a comical song, but even a comical song has to have a good melody and with out that the song isn't funny and doesn't make me laugh.


One of the biggest problems with this soundtrack is how some of the songs don't impact the story to help move it forward.  Some songs don't match the scenes they are in and some come out of nowhere.  This is a problem because a musical is supposed to be like a concept record that tells a movies story through music but so many songs are mismatched, or made pointless by the next scene that the concept flow is lost.  One example is the scene that prayer is used in.  This is a soft song used in an action scene where Kayley is being chased and having weapons shot at her.  This is a scene where we should feel tension, not relaxation, and as a result the song doesn't hit the way it should.  This is also a problem with Ruber's song.  You don't really see the song coming and while watching you start to ask yourself if it is really necessary. This also happens with Through Your Eyes.  Through Your Eyes is not a bad song but because there was not set up for it and it came unexpectedly you don't really appreciate it like you should.  

This is not a totally bad soundtrack.  Like I said earlier, there are some really good songs on it.  However, with there not being a good flow and some bad songs, it really takes away from the soundtrack making it not have as big an impact on the movie as many Disney movies it was competing with did.  Many of these songs would be great on their own but as a soundtrack they don't hold up.  With this soundtrack it all depends what you are looking for.  If you are looking into this for some good songs, then you will be happy, but if you are looking for a soundtrack with a good flow you are going to be disappointed.    


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Top 5 Metal Covers of Pop Songs

When it comes to pop music and metal most people think the two genres don't mix.  Many pop fans say that metal is loud angry music that sounds obnoxious.  Many metal fans say that pop music is sellout music that is for making money and has no soul.  However, this hasn't stopped some metal musicians from taking famous pop songs and putting their own spin on them.  Here are my top 5 metal covers of pop songs.

5. PonPonPon by 331 ERock 

ERock is a YouTube metal guitar player who normally puts a metal spin on video game and anime songs. This time, he did a cover on the famed Jpop  song from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and delivered a great instrumental cover.  He does a great job on hitting the right notes on his guitar playing to remind what he is covering, but he also throws in a good amount of his own solo's and parts that makes the song his own.  If you want to get this song, it is available on ITunes.  He also has tabs for this song you can buy if you are interested in learning how to play this.  

4. Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm's cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal is considered one of the best covers of all time.  Many people have even said that this version is better than the original.  While that claim is up for debate, to deny that this is a great cover is being dishonest.  Alien Ant Farm not only added a nu metal sound to the song, but by doing that they also added a lot more energy to the song.  Alien Ant Farm really succeeded in keeping the song sounding fun, but by adding heavy guitar and a more energetic chorus they really makes this song unique from the original.  This song is available everywhere from ITunes, to CD Baby, to Amazon, get it.

3.  A Thousand Miles by Cole Rolland

Cole Rolland is another YouTube musician who has put a metal spin on many different kinds of songs.  One of my favorite from him is his cover of A Thousand Miles originally done by Venessa  Carlton. Cole's guitar playing is great and really captures the melody of the original well.  The way he plays the song by adding a metal sound and adding his own parts to it really makes this song his own.  The way he executes the melodies is really impressive, making this one song I highly recommend.  This song is available on ITunes and if featured on Spotify as well.  

2. Lollipop by Framing Hanley

This a true case of a band taking a song and truly making it their own.  This is a case where you can listen to both versions of the song and they sound almost nothing like each other.  Framing Hanley replaces almost all the rap and hip hop with melodic vocals and replacing the drum machine and looping music with a hard rock, metal sound that really makes this cover different from the original.  While the cover is obviously no where near as popular as the original, this song is still worth listening to.  Check it out on YouTube or Spotify and if you like it, buy it of ITunes, Ebay, or Amazon.

1. Imagine by A Perfect Circle

With this song, A Perfect Circle took the peace sounding Imagine by John Lennon and turned it into an eerie, creepy song that makes you feel more like your in a horror movie than a peaceful paradise.  While John Lennon set his version in a potential paradise on Earth, A Perfect Circle chose to focus more on the problems going on in the world and the horrors of those problems.  The message may be the same in both versions but the way that message is presented could not be more different and that is what makes this such a great cover.  Not only did the band manage to take this song and make it their own, but they were also able to change the presentation of the message as well, which is not common in covers.  This song is available on ITunes, Ebay, Amazon, and many other cites, don't wait, buy it.  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trans Siberian Orchestra This Christmas Day Review

Trans Siberian Orchestra is known as one of the best Christmas Rock and Metal bands ever.  Starting in 1996 TSO was born when the prog metal band, Savatage ended.  Paul O' Neill, Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel, and Al Pitrelli would become the leaders of this huge music production and they would put their vision to the test when they were making the Christmas Eve and Other Stories album.  They decided to create the melodic metal Christmas themed album by bringing together many different vocalists and musicians and it would result in one of the best and highly recognized Christmas albums of all time.  Christmas Eve and Other Stories would come to contain one of my all time favorite Christmas rock songs, This Christmas Day. 

This Christmas Day has a great musical flow to it.  The way it starts with piano and horns is a good slow intro that sets you up for a positive, uplifting Christmas song.  Then when Tommy Farese starts singing he really builds on that feeling.  Tommy has a very good blues style voice that fits perfectly with this song.  He captures the mood and feel so well and I would argue that nobody does it better then him.  Then there is the great melodic guitar work of Al Pitrelli.  I have always thought Al Pitrelli is an underrated guitar player and he delivers big time on this song.  He owns the guitar solo he plays in this song.  It is very melodic and well balanced to include some fancy playing without getting away from what the mood is.  Musically, everybody did a fantastic job. 

Lyrically, this is a good message about a daughter returning home for Christmas.  The verse starts out with the family wondering what the meaning of Christmas is and contemplating if there is a meaning.  Then when the chorus comes in and the daughter returns they realize what Christmas is about.  I like a song that tells a story lyrically and this song does it very well.  When you hear the lyrics you know what the story is and it really captures your attention which is not easy to do.  Jon Oliva and Paul O Neill did a fantastic job writing the lyrics.

I have seen TSO three times and every time they have played this song and they have made it sound amazing.  This song is very well composed, very well written, and creates a unique Christmas song that sounds like TSO and TSO alone.  Christmas Eve and Other Stories is a great album and the one song I recommend the most off it is This Christmas Day.  For its well written lyrics and well composed music I give This Christmas Day a 5 out of 5.    

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Rageaholic Metal Mythos,an Honest Look at Metal

I remember when I discovered Razorfist, AKA The Rageaholic, about three years ago, I was looking up videos about Mass Effect Andromeda and I came across this guy and out of curiosity I decided to watch his.  I was immediately hooked, mainly because he's honest, unfiltered, and at times comical.  I became a fan of his channel and subscribed to it and have watched his video game reviews, movie reviews, I found his political videos amusing as well.  However, my favorite videos from Razorfist, are those from his Metal/ Music Mythos series.

From  Judas Priest, to Styper, to Iron Maiden, he covers many bands and covers them honestly.  Each Metal Mythos episode is basically Razorfist going through a band's career with a combination of a biography and a review of each album the band, the episode is based on, released.  What I like about this series is how much research he puts into these episodes.  He goes deep into a band's history, looking deep into inspirations for the songs and the band's career and history.  The other thing I like is how unfiltered and uncensored he is.  He is not afraid to say what he thinks and he will say it whether you like it or not.  While I don't agree with every single point he makes, I appreciate someone who is honest and at the same time has done the research to back those claims.  He has done the research and knows what he is talking about when he does these episodes.

One thing I need to let you know before you check him out is that the guy has the mouth of a sailor.  He cusses a lot and has no shame about it.  I know that doesn't bother most people, it certainly doesn't bother me, but if you aren't a biggest fan of cussing, you've been warned.

Aside from cussing, this guys does a fantastic job on his videos.  If you are a metal fan, look  Razorfist or The Rageaholic up on YouTube and subscribe to him.  Check out all his Metal Mythos episodes and feel free to request bands you would like him to do an episode on.  He does a level of researched I have seen few do and as a result he produces some of the greatest reviews I have ever seen and it is very entertaining to watch. Check out the links below to see a couple of his Metal Mythos episodes.  Look him up, enjoy his Metal Mythos episodes, and subscribe, in the words of the man himself I leave with Godspeed.          

Iron Maiden Metal Mythos

Stryper Mythos

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Disciple Dive Review

Disciple is a Christian Metal band from Tennessee that formed in 1992.  They have since gone on to release 10 albums and win many dove awards.  Disciple is a pretty diverse sound with some songs sounding like metal core, new metal, and even southern rock.  I discovered Disciple through Pandora Radio many years ago and have since looked deeper and deeper into their catalog.  Since then I have come across my favorite song from the band, Dive.

Dive is a song with great heavy energy that really makes you want to head bang to.  Right out the gate you get that awesome heavy guitar riff that carries into the verse.  The verse in this song does a pattern of a break in the energy and then brings it right back.  This leads to the melodic pre chorus that sets you up for one of the best choruses I have heard in metal.  The chorus continues with the heavy, energetic guitar and is lead with very powerful sounding vocal work.  Vocally, singer Kevin Young does a fantastic job.  He carries every section well and gives it his all in every portion of the song to really help communicate the songs message well.  He is a very powerful singer who is real and you can hear it in his vocals, which I always appreciate in a singer.  Brad Noah does great guitar work as well.  Like I said, the opening riff is great and the heavy guitar in the chorus sounds amazing.  His guitar solo is simple but still sounds good and works well with the song. 

Lyrically I love the authenticity of this song.  Dive is lyrically about being in a rough spot and having that determination to rise above your obstacles, issues, and problems to come out better.  It is a good, motivational song to build morale and determination to make you want to keep going no matter what you are going through.  I really like songs that acknowledge hardships in life and overcoming those obstacles and this song delivers that message very well. 

This is that really have a ton going for it.  Great music, great energy, powerful vocals, and powerful, authentic lyrics.  This I love this song, and would even put in my top 5 favorite metal songs of all time.  Kevin Young does a great job on vocals and Brad Noah's guitar work is impressive.  This song is available on ITunes, and it is a must buy.  If you are a metal head get it, if you like Christian music get it, if you are going through a rough spot you need to buy this song.  With all this, I give Dive a 5 out of 5.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Diaura Universe Review

Popular Japanese Visual Kei band, Diaura, came out with a new song in February, called Universe.  Diaura has made a name for themselves among the visual kei music scene in Japan with songs such as Trigger, Lily, and their biggest hit, Lost November.  Many people have considered Diaura one of the most popular bands of the visual kei music scene in Japan.  With all that, lets see how good Universe is,

Musically, Diaura continues with the heavy melodic metal sound that the band is known for.  The first thing I would like to recognize is the melodic guitar work of Kei.  Kei does great melodic guitar soloing in this song that is superb and adds a good emotional feel to the song.  He also busts out some good heavy riffs in the songs verse that really adds to the energy.  It seems to me that with each new release for Diaura, Kei keeps on getting better as a guitar player and in this song he demonstrates it very well. Yo-ka does great vocal work in this song as usual.  His deep, melodic voice is very unique and really plays a huge part in what make this band unique and great.  

Lyrically, the band continues their deep emotional message of sticking together through hard times.  The band does a great job with these lyrics and communicates the message very well.  However, this is a message the band does a lot and as a result it feels a little generic and not unique anymore.  To be clear, the lyrics are not bad, but they are safe, the band didn't really venture into new territory with this song, lyrically.  

While the song isn't new lyrically, the music is great.  The band continues to progress musically while staying true to their core sound.  Kei seems to be getting better at his instrument and Yo-ka continues to display amazing vocal talent.  This is a song you should check out if you are a fan of Diaura and visual kei.  If you are a metal fan looking for some new music, this song is defiantly something you should check out.  With great music that show the bands progression I give Universe a 4 out of 5.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Top 5 War Movie Soundtracks

I love to watch a good war movie.  When it is done right, war movies are some of the most emotional and intense movie experiences ever.  War movies also have some of the best movie soundtracks I have ever heard.  Typically containing a great orchestra composition and arrangement that gives each movie soundtrack it's unique sound.  Here are the top 5 war movie soundtracks.

5.  The Alamo (1960)

This movie alone was really great and I highly recommend it to anybody.  John Wayne did a great job directing the movie and acting as the legendary Davy Crockett.  However, the soundtrack composed and arranged by Dimitri Tiomkin is also very amazing.  He does a great job of not just making great music, but really capturing the atmosphere and the time period the movie takes place in.  When you listen to it you feel like your in Texas in the early 1800's when it was still a Mexican territory.  He also does a great job of matching each song to the scene it was being used for.  If it was a battle scene the music is fast pace and intense.  If it is a soft emotional scene, the music was toned down perfectly to match it.  With a soundtrack that captures each scene of the movie it is attached to, it is no wonder that this would be one of the top movie soundtracks of 1960. This soundtrack is available on ITunes and you can also get a physical copy on Amazon or Ebay if you choose. Get it how you wish but buy it and listen to it.

4.  Braveheart

Braveheart is without a doubt one of the most legendary movies ever made. Mel Gibson did a great job directing and acting in it and as a result it is considered on of the best movies in history.  One of the biggest factors to the movies success is the soundtrack composed by James Horner.  James Horner does a great job of creating great music with a good Scottish feel to it.  He also creates some of the most catchy music that really helps the movie to stick to people after they are done watching.  Along with all that, Braveheart has one of the most emotional soundtracks I have every heard.  Every song you hear really connects you to the emotion in the movie and it really sticks with you.  The soundtrack is available on ITunes, and Amazon, don't think twice, get it.

3.  Glory

Glory is a great American Civil War movie that touches on  African Americans during the war.  This soundtrack is another James Horner master piece.  In this movie, Horner decided to do an orchestra and quire vocal combination that is delivered very well.  While there are not vocals in every song on the soundtrack, it really sticks out when it appears.  The best example is the Assault on Fort Wagner song.  The use of the vocals in this song really adds to the intensity of the battle taking place and it really gets you more engaged in the scene.  When you are not watching the moving, this song is still able to communicate that feeling very well and that is what makes a great movie soundtrack.  Don't overlook the orchestra though.  James Horner did a great job composing the music and each orchestra piece sounds amazing.  This soundtrack is not available on ITunes, but you can buy a physical copy on Amazon and Ebay.  Trust me, it is worth buying.

2.  The Patriot

The Patriot is great movie about the American Revolution.  This movie is another Mel Gibson master piece, great acting, and great directing from him.  This movie was fortunate to have the great John Williams compose and arrange the music on it.  John Williams did fantastic work with movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park.  He continues to carry that into The Patriot.  John Williams does a great job of  using great orchestra music, as he has done for most of his movies, and also making music that really captures the time period.  When you listen to some of these songs, you feel like your in the 1700's and in the Revolutionary war.  Along with all this, John Williams manages to compose music that fits each scene in the movie and really captures what scene is about.  Sadly, only the theme song is available on ITunes.  However,  you can buy a physical copy on Amazon or Ebay, and I highly recommend you do.

1.  Gettysburg

Gettysburg is one of my one of my favorite war movies.  It does a great job of telling the story of the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.  I can't recommend this one enough.  Along with that is the amazing work of composer Randy Edelman.  Randy Edelman composes some of the most intense and impressive orchestra music I have heard in a war movie.  Every battle song feels intense and makes you think your in the action, while there are plenty of good soft songs that make you lay back and think.  Edelman also has some good songs that capture the time period with the use of acoustic guitar and banjo in some songs.  This soundtrack also has a good inspirational, driven feel to it.  Almost every song has an inspiration feel that makes you want to press on no matter the obstacle.  One song that comes to mind the March of Mortality song.  It makes you feel like no matter what the situation is you need to try.  This is one movie soundtrack that I like every song on and I cannot recommend it enough.  The soundtrack is available on Itunes, Amazon, and Ebay.  Do whatever it takes, but buy it, listen to it, and enjoy it.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Minori Chihara Kyoukai No Kanta (Beyond the Boundary) Review

Minori Chihara has made a name for herself in Japan as a famous voice actress and singer.  She has been featured in countless anime shows and has become a house hold name in Japan.  Her music career has been very successful as well.  Starting her music career in 2005, she has reached arena level fame in Japan, playing in from of thousands of people regularly.  Her music came on my radar back in 2013 with her song Kyoukai No Kanta, Beyond the Boundary in English, for the anime under the same name.  

Musically, the song is a good combination of soft rock, piano, and soft orchestra. This is a very common music formula in Jpop, and is one I wish American pop  would use more often.  The piano and guitar take turns being the lead instrument and that is very well executed.  Sometimes, when you have more then one lead instrument that is not in a songs solo section, you can have a song that sounds sloppy and all over the place.  This song does is right and as a result gives good variety, musically.  Minori has a pretty high, unique voice.  One thing I have heard people critique her for, is that some times she tries too hard to go in a vocal direction her voice can't go in.  However, in this song she sounds excellent.  Her voice sounds smooth, she hits the right notes, and delivers a very great performance.   

Lyrically, the song is a love song about longing to be with the right person and searching for that someone.  Like I said in the beginning, this song was written for the anime with with same name as the song.  These lyrics capture the mood of that anime perfectly.  The lyrics establish that this anime is about someone who is longing for that perfect relationship and trying very hard to find it.  

Musically, the song is great and well composed.  The piano and guitar taking turns with lead is well executed.  Minori's voice sounds amazing in this song and she carries it perfectly.  The lyrics serve their purpose of establishing the anime they are based on perfectly.  I give Kyoukai No Kanta a 4 out of 5.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fantasmic, a Disney Master Piece

Disney has done a great job through out its history of composing great music, not just for the movies, but for the live shows as well.  One of the shows that always sticks out in my mind would be Fantasmic.  While Fantasmic is certainly a visual master piece, it is visuals that are driven by the music it is part of.  Without good music, Fantasmic wouldn't be able to flow well and as a result not be appealing.  Fortunately, this an area that Disney executed very well. 

The credit for the composition and arrangement of Fantasmic's music goes to Bruce Healey.  Bruce joined Disney back in 1973, and has since written music, not just for Fantasmic, but for many areas of Disneyland and Disneyland Tokyo.  Bruce was born in St. Louis Missouri on March 11, 1950, shortly after that his family moved to Southern California where he grew up.  Growing up, he learned everything about music he could, from learning to play instruments such as keyboards and percussion, to learning composition and arrangement.  Then finally in 1973, he landed a career of being a composer for Disney.  Ever since then, he has composed music for Disney theme parks, and some sing along songs.  

Fantasmic has many stand outs, musically, that are very impressive.  One of the most noticeable ones is the Fantasmic theme song itself.  The intro is very catchy and energetic and as a result gets you hooked into the show right away.  Another great music stand out is the rock twist on the heffalumps and woozles song from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.  The guitar in that song is great and does a great job of creating a new take on it, while at the same time staying true to the original.  One of my personal favorites is the entire villain section.  Bruce does a great job on putting his own twists on certain songs that really makes them stand out.  The way he arranges that section is also worth noting.  Everything sounds smooth and every transition sounds spot on and not out of sync.  

Out of all the shows in Disneyland, Fantasmic is a must.  Not only is it visually impressive, but the music is some of the best that Disneyland has to offer. If you take a trip to Disneyland you have to check Fantasmic out.  Sadly, you cannot get the entire show in recorded format.  However, the theme song is available on ITunes.  You can also get the theme song by buying one of the Disney Classic Music Collections.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime, a Concept Masterpiece

When it comes to concept records, few have made the impact that Operation Mindcrime had.  Recorded by Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime tells the story of a man who gets caught up in a terrorist organization and wanting out of it.  The album got released in 1988 and has since gone on to be one of the most classic concept records in music history.  

The album kicks off with Remember Now, an mysterious intro with the main character stating he remembers what he did.  Then we get hit the the rockin instrumental intro, Anarchy X.  This is a short, but great rock intro to the rest of the album.  Then, we finally get the first vocal song on the album with Revolution Calling.  Chris DeGarmo gives a great intro guitar solo to the song which is followed by the amazing voice of Geoff Tate, as seen in the highlighted  link below.
Revolution Calling

Christ Degarmo

Geoff Tate

The album goes on with a nice flow from song to song that is amazing and very ground breaking for its time.  The transitions are smooth and never sound out of place which is very hard to pull off, but Queensryche pulled it off very effectively.  Some transitions that stick out most in my mind are when Break the Silence goes into I Don't Believe in Love and when My Empty Room goes into Eyes of a Stranger.  The transitions set up the next songs perfectly and really get you excited for them.  

The songs themselves are fantastic.  They are all well composed and every musician in the band gives it their all to make every song unique and great to listen to.  Some of my favorite song on the album include Suite Sister Mary, I Don't Believe in Love, and Eyes of a Stranger.  Suite Sister Mary has a great mysterious sound to it that I haven't heard often in metal.  I Don't Believe in Love has amazing guitar work, great bass work, and fantastic vocals.  Similar thing with Eyes of a Stranger, Chris Degarmo does great guitar work and Geoff Tate's vocals are very unique and stand out.  Check out all three songs by clicking the highlighted links below.  

With a great concept, an amazing flow, and fantastic songs, Operation Mindcrime is a must have album.  Even if you are not a huge metal fan I still highly recommend you buy this album.  You can preview this album by listening to it on Spotify, and if you like it you can get it on ITunes, Amazon, or Ebay.  I personally recommend getting a physical copy of the album.  Trust me, it is one album you will want to add to either your CD collection, or vinyl, if you can get one.  Operation Mindcrime, listen to it, love it, buy it.  

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Noisycell Lily Review

Noisycell is an indie rock band out of Japan that is slowly starting to gain more and more fame.  They have achieved some success with their song, Last Theater, featured as the ending song for the anime, Death Parade.  Since then, the band has gained a good cult size following.  Recently, the band put out a newer song, Lily.  

Musically, the song is pretty good and energetic.  While it certainly has a ballad feel to it, it is still got a good heavy energy to it.  The fast drum work and fast guitar playing really contribute to that energy, especially in the songs intro.  The verse for the most part keeps that energy going with a slight break in the pre chorus before bringing it back in the main chorus.  It is a good transition to use the pre chorus to get the listener ready for the main chorus and this band executes that very well.  Vocally, the song is very good as well.  The Woo Woo at the beginning of the song gives a very good boost to the songs energy.  The melodic vocals Ryosuke are very impressive.  While I wouldn't say he's the greatest singer I have ever heard, he does a great job carrying the song vocally and the melodic style he uses is very effective.  

Lyrically, the song is basically about a break up in a relationship, and the complex feeling of that.  The lyrics are not bad and the message is good.  However, this is a message that has been done many times in music and every person is sure to have heard it 100 times.  However, the music and vocals communicate the song's message effectively and that is very important and helps to save the song.  

Noisycell is a talented band that looks to have a bright future ahead of them.  This song displays the bands talent very well and shows they got a good chance to make it.  The music is very good and while the lyrics are nothing new, the vocals really communicate the message well and sounds great. For having great music and great vocals I give this song a 3.5 out of 5. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

2NE1 Goodbye Review

Out of all the KPop girl groups that have tried to make headway in the world, few did as well as 2NE1. Many people consider 2NE1 the second biggest girl group in KPop, with only Girls Generation surpassing them.  Sadly, to the shock of many KPop fans, 2NE1 disbanded at the end of 2016.  With Minzy leaving the group and Bom having health issues, YG Entertainment decided to end the group.  However, before they disbanded they put out one of the most deepest, real, honest songs I have ever heard, Goodbye.

Musically, this song is simple, but fantastic, the acoustic guitar sets the sad mood the song is going for perfectly.  It is not complex or tricky but for a song like this, that is fine, it still sounds good and plays a huge part in getting the songs message across. All three girls sound great in this song.  Every one carries their sections perfectly and drives the lyrical meaning to the point that you really feel the sadness they feel about disbanding. 

Lyrically, this is one of the most honest and real songs I have ever heard.  CL did a great job of writing lyrics that are communicating their hurt to the audience.  They don't hold back their feelings, and this is the kind of lyric writing I love seeing.  They don't try to be overly fancy or cool sounding, they choose to be real, and that is what I admire.  

I am not the biggest 2NE1 fan, but I have to admit that they did a fantastic farewell song here.  The message is communicated clearly, the melody is great, and the simple acoustic guitar creates a very great song that makes even someone like me, who is not a huge fan of 2NE1, feel bad that they are disbanding.  When you have a song that does that you have done something right.  I wish all the members of 2NE1 the best and hope they are all very successful in their future careers.  For having not just a good sounding song, but a very honest song, I give Goodbye a 5 out of 5.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Shinedown Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom) Review

Shinedown was one of my favorite bands for a long time growing up.  The heavy guitar riffs and Brent Smiths voice is amazing and brings a slight southern feel to the bands hard rock driven music.  Sound of Madness is still one of my favorite albums of all time. It is actually one of the few albums I own that I like every single song on.  Shinedown has managed to take what made Sound of Madness great and applied it to their follow up single, Diamond Eyes.

Musically, Diamond Eyes is one of Shinedown's best songs.  The slow build up to the song is great and really sets up for the very energetic heavy intro.  The guitar riff in the intro is one of the big things that give the intro it heavy feel.  It is simple but very effective.  The pre chorus is one of the best parts of the songs.   Zach Myers does a great job busting out the boom lay boom phrase and it really adds to the high, heavy energy the song is going for.  Brent Smith sounds very good as usual.  His voice really carries the lyrics well and that slight southern sound he brings is one of the things that makes Shinedown unique.

Lyrically, this song accomplish's what it is supposed to.  For those who don't know, Shinedown wrote Diamond Eyes for The Expendables movie.  It is a intense action movie and the lyrics capture that mood and tone perfectly.  With phrases like "fist fist philosophy", and "we watch with wounded eyes" you really get a good sense that this is a song about combat and being in the thick of it.  Shinedown could not have done a better job conveying the Expendables movie lyrically then they did in Diamond Eyes.

Diamond Eyes is a great song with high energy and great lyrics to match the movie it is representing.  From the guitar riffs, to the vocals, this song does a great job representing the Expendables, and it is a great hard rock and metal song you need to get.  If you are a hard rock and metal fan this is one song that you should listen to.  I give Diamond Eyes a 4.5 out of 5.  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

David Kaylor, Piano Master of YouTube

David Kaylor is a musician who has recently gained some fame on YouTube for his piano cover of the LA LA LAND soundtrack.  The video has gained over a million views on YouTube and rightfully so, the man is an excellent musician. However, while it may be his most popular video, it is not his only video.  David has done many piano melodies and covers, all of which are excellent and very well done.  

One of my favorite videos on his YouTube channel is his piano melody of the Star Wars Soundtrack.  As a Star Wars fan and John Williams fan, I have to say that David does true justice to this amazing soundtrack justice.  His piano twist is very well executed and brings a unique take to it, musically.  While his LA LA LAND is the most popular, I still highly recommend checking out his Star Wars cover.

Check out the videos of David's performance shown below.  If you like the videos,  you can subscribe to his YouTube channel, or buy his music on ITunes.  If you would like to learn how to play his piano melodies, David has the sheet music for people to learn from as well in the description of his videos.  Check out his music, listen to it, enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Top 5 Dynasty Warriors Series Soundtrack Songs

There are not too many video game soundtracks out there like the Dynasty Warriors series.  While Koei Tecmo is known for throwing together a rock and orchestra combo in their video games, none are done as well done as Dynasty Warriors.  With great energy and melody, Dynasty Warriors makes for one of the best video games soundtrack Koei Tecmo has to offer.  Here is the top 5 soundtrack songs from the Dynasty Warriors Series.

5.  Avenging Battle

Avenging Battle from Dynasty Warriors 4 is  a great battle sounding song with great guitar and a some hints of Japanese music.  Right off the back you get some great dual guitar soloing that really drives the energy and creates a tense feel.  It is followed up by a soft Japanese flute solo, that tones the song down a little bit. Then they end the song with a good melodic guitar solo.  The only flaw in the song is that the final guitar solo is a little repetitive, but it is still a good song and certainly worth listening to.

4.  The Final Battle
The Final Battle from Dynasty Warriors 7 may be one of the longest songs in the the Dynasty Warriors series but it is still very good.  The melodic dual guitar solos are good, and the small bits of power metal sounding guitar is certainly worth noting.  The orchestra in this song is pretty good as well, it may be subtle, but it does add a tension building feel that is effective.  My favorite part of this song is the guitar solo in the middle of it.  It is not tricky, or shredding like, but it has a great melodic sound that goes well with the rest of the music and in its simplicity makes the song better.

3.  Teary Edge
 Teary Edge from Dynasty Warriors 7 Extreme Legends is a little bit different then the other songs on this list so far.  Where as the other songs have been mainly guitar driven, this song is actually piano driven.  While the guitar solos are certainly present in this song, they don't make up the main portion of it.  Overall, the melodic piano leads this song with the orchestra joining it in the chorus.  The piano may be a little repetitive, but the melodic feel it brings is a different take on the series and a welcomed one.

2. Vanish
Vanish from Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends is one of the best examples of orchestra and rock working together I have ever heard.  The orchestra builds up that battle feel and the melodic guitar solos in this song actually give a good emotional feel that makes the song feel more personal.  When you play a level in the game while hearing this song you really start to get a drive and determination to win the level, which is not easy to convey with music in video games.  

1.  A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns from Dynasty Warriors 8 is a great instrumental rock song.  The guitar solos are some of my favorite in the Dynasty Warrior series.  the dual solo's are very energetic and the melodic nature of the solos is amazing.  The part where the orchestra and guitar are playing back to back is awesome and builds into a great moment where both intertwined musically.  Then the guitar build up towards the end of the song is great way to lead to the final section. With great guitar and very energetic rock music, this is one of the best songs in the Dynasty Warriors series.    

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

Although people don't always think about music in video games, it actually plays a very important roll.  Music in a video sets the tone and helps boost someones experience when playing the game.  Just like when you hear music in a movie, music in video games helps create that memorable experience.  With that, here at the top 5 video game soundtracks

5.  Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 may go down in history as one of the best video games of all time even with all the controversy that it's sequel games would make.  Along with the great game play and fantastic story, it also had one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.  The soundtrack in this game is good combination of a good space scifi and orchestra music.  The scifi music give a good feel of exploration while in space, towns, or exploring a room.  The Orchestra really captures the intensity of the combat you get thrown into.  With such a great combo, this makes a good soundtrack.

4.  Halo Combat Evolved

While Halo may also be a scifi game as well, it's soundtrack is more orchestra and vocal driven then Mass Effect.  When you listen to songs like Truth and Reconciliation, you get feel for what this soundtrack is about.  You start with the mysterious sounding vocals, followed by battle driven orchestra, then comes in with some mysterious sounding space music, and ending with the classic vocals.  Those elements make up this soundtrack and they all blend in well with every level and it really enhances all the combat and mystery you as the player experience in this game. A great piece of orchestra music not to pass up.

3.   Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini has one of the most diverse soundtracks I have ever heard in video games.  The orchestra driven music is different depending on which level you are on.  Some levels give you a straight up battle feel, some make you want to explore the level, and some make you scared and cautious.  What makes this soundtrack great is not just the music, but how well each song fits the level it is attached to.  The music on every level is perfect and sounds amazing and really makes this sound track unique.

2.  Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is good fun music soundtrack, perfect for this game.  It is not orchestra driven like most of the game soundtracks on this list but it doesn't need to be.  They did a good job creating fun sounding music to fit a game more comical game like this one.  There is one sooth sounding song in this game and that is the Water Theme Music.  It has an overall more relaxing feel to it compared to the rest of the music in the game.  However, it still fits its level perfectly and is fun to listen to.  

1.  The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is without a doubt one of my video game soundtracks. While this soundtrack once again fits perfectly with the areas it's attached to, it is also has some great unique music.  With so many classic songs ranging from Song of Storms, The Hyrule Theme, and the Gerudo Valley, you got one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.  Even some of the less famous songs such as The Ice Cavern, The Spirit Temple, and Ganodorf's Battle Theme, are still very well composed and I enjoy listening to them.  I can't recommend looking into this soundtrack enough and if you want to see live performances, every year Nintendo does a Legend of Zelda Symphony world tour that consists of many songs from this specific game's soundtrack.  Check it out and see if the symphony will playing in or near your town, you won't be disappointed.     

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve and Other Stories Album Review

When Savatage decided to become TSO in 1996 they decided to make the Dead Winter Dead  be their inspiration for their music going forward.  They would focus on a combination of Christmas themed music and their classical metal style they used in Savatage. This combination would come to be when TSO debuted in 1996 with the Christmas Eve and Other Stories albums.

Musically, they deliver big time on this record.  This album has some of the best instrumental songs I have heard in a while.  From the heavy hitting Christmas Eve Sarajevo, to the classical rock combo of O Come All Ye Faithful, this album is full of amazing instrumentals.  The vocal songs are amazing as well.  You have great classical voices on songs such as An Angel Came Down.  Then you got more bluesy style vocals on songs like Good King Joy and This Christmas Day.  The music on the vocal songs is nothing to overlook as well.  The guitar solo in This Christmas Day is a great melodic solo that helps give that powerful feel to the song.  The same thing can be said about An Angel Returned, the melodic solo helps drive that Christmas Spirit the song is going for.


Lyrically, this album is all Christmas themed, like the music.  What makes the Christmas theme work so well lyrically is how the band makes every song with lyrics in it a story.  For example,  Good King Joy does a great job of sing about the Nativity.  When you listen to that song you hear a great blues take on the journey of the wise men and the birth of Jesus Christ.  Another example would be This Christmas Day.  This song is about a families daughter returning home on Christmas Day and them celebrating Christmas joyfully when she returns.  With each set of lyrics telling a great Christmas story, you are in for a series of very compelling lyrics.  

Christmas Eve and Other Stories is not just a great Christmas album, but a great rock album as well.  It is one of the few albums I have seen that successfully reaches both the rock crowd and the non rock crowd.  If you are a metal head or rocker you need to buy this record.  If you are looking for good quality Christmas music you need to buy this record.  While the album is available on ITunes, I recommend getting a physical copy of this record.  The album artwork is amazing and seeing how many people contributed to it in the booklet is memorable.  If you see it in a record store in a CD section don't hesitate, buy it!! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top 5 Gackt Songs

Gackt has become one of the most famous singers to come out of Japan.  Getting his start in the 90's with the visual kei band, Malice Mizer, Gackt developed a reputation as a good singer and after seven years with Malice Mizer he left the band to pursue a solo career that would make him one of the biggest celebrities in Japan  and would develop a good following in Europe and the U.S.  He has written several hits and is without a doubt one of the biggest rock stars in Japan.  With that, lets count down the top 5 Gackt songs.  

5.  Black Stone

 Black Stone is one Gackt's early songs that is basically a love song about that talks about going through life together through the good and bad times.  Gackt sounds great in this song vocally, and the band and music overall sounds great as well.  Compared to a lot of his other songs, this is a good soft easy listening enjoyable song.  The guitar solo is a little repetitive, but the overall the song is enjoyable and certainly worth a buy.  

4.  Stay The Ride Alive

Stay The Ride Alive is a good combination of rock and orchestra music.  Some people think that the two styles of music don't work well together and I greatly disagree with that. The orchestra really helps the song sound more powerful and while the song would not be bad without it, the song wouldn't be as powerful without the orchestra.  Lyrically, this is a good inspirational song about not giving up about no matter how bad things get. Sadly, only the live orchestra version is available on ITunes, but you can get this CD on Ebay and I highly recommend it.

3.  P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You is one of the most powerful and most depressing songs I have ever heard.  Basically, the whole song is someone reading a farewell letter from their spouse that just passed away.  Gackt's vocals and the music match the mood of the lyrics perfectly.  The piano  fits the sadness and then the heavier music expresses the grief one feels when the person they love passes away.  This song is well written, well composed, and is worth a buy, get it on ITunes, Ebay, Amazon.

2.  Jesus
Jesus is a song about someone contemplating suicide and the mind set one has when they are going through that.  Now, some people think that this is an anti Christian or an anti religious song.  I personally don't see it that way.  It is about someone who is considering taking his own life, nothing more.  The music is a good combo of dark and heavy rock gives the song the song it's desperate feel. The music video fits the song perfectly and I highly recommend checking it out to get the full feel of the song.  Disclaimer, their is violent imagery in video, but none the less I recommend it.  Both the music video and the song itself are available on ITunes, buy them.

1.  Setsugekka- The End of Silence
The End of Silence is another sorrowful song about missing someone you care about deeply that passed away.  I really like the composing method that is used in this song musically.  It starts out with the soft piano, then you get a slight build, a soft verse and pre chorus, and then they bust out a power heavy chorus.  You think you are in for a softer ballad and then you are hit with a powerful chorus and I think that is awesome.  Another musical element I love about this song is the violin solo.  It is a good twist and very unique, especially in an age where you don't see violin in rock too much anymore.  This song in my opinion is a must.  It is available on ITunes, Amazon, and Ebay.  Do what ever it takes, but buy this song.   

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nocturnal Bloodlust Libra Review

Nocturnal Bloodlust is one of the most interesting visual kei band and death metal bands I have ever heard.  While they certainly have a good amount of songs that fit in the traditional death metal, hardcore feel, they are also very melodic with good riffs and powerful vocals.  This song brings out all those different elements this band has very well and as a result you got a unique metal ballad.

Musically this song has a lot going on.  It starts with that mellow build up and then goes into a powerful intro with  Daichi playing a melodic solo and Natsu playing a unique drum beat as he is famous for in this band.  Hiro's vocals are very good and very mixed in this song.  In the verse and chorus he gives a good melodic singing voice and in the middle he gives his death metal, hardcore vocals, giving a good diverse feel to the song.  I personally am not the biggest fan of growling and screaming vocals, however it doesn't kill the song for me and it adds a nice twist to the song that  I can appreciate. Cazqui's solo is a good combo of melodic guitar playing and speed.  He starts out with the classic Japanese speed solo and then goes on to add melodic touches through out and delivers a very good solo.  Cazqui is a very good guitar player and in my opinion he is very underrated.  He is very diverse in his playing and is able to go in whatever direction he chooses rather then sticking to a certain style of soloing as many other guitar players do. 

Lyrically this is a good song as well.  It is basically about standing by the things you love you matter what the obstacles are.  A good message and one that I wish music brought up more often lyrically. The lyrics fit the tone and music perfectly which really makes the message stick out more.  The lyrics are deep and with Hiro's singing matching that deepness, the message really comes through and resonates with you.  

This song certainly has a lot going for it.  With the deep lyrics and a band that has great musicians, you get a real unique and memorable song.  I highly recommend checking this song out, even if you are not a fan of screaming or growling vocals, this song still has a lot to offer.  The guitar playing of Daichi and Cazqui is amazing, Natsu's drum work is impressive, and when Hiro gets melodic he delivers great vocals.  Considering all that and the deep lyrics I give this song a 4.5 out of 5.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Top 5 Sistar Songs

Recently I have started to get more into Sistar recently after I discovered their song I Swear.  I was really impressed by the girls vocal abilities and was curious enough to look deeper in their catalog.  Overall, they have some pretty impressive music.  All four girls are good singers and are certainly worth recognition.  This time, I count down the top 5 Sistar songs.

5.  Shake It
Initially when I saw this title I was a little worried.  I didn't know who Sistar was at the time and I thought that it would just be another generic pop song.  If you look at it from a lyrical stand point, then there is nothing to be impressed by.  However, with the catchy music and the girls amazing vocals, you got a song that is fun and enjoyable.  Hyorin and Dasom do a great job in this song, with Hyorin singing great leads and Dasom really bringing out the catchy nanana parts, she plays in big part in giving this song its catchy feel.  

4.  I Like That
I Like that has a more darker feel to it.  Basically this is about a women breaking up with her ex because she caught him cheating on her.  The music in this song is pretty catchy and easily hooks you into the song.  This is another song where Hyorin and Dasom shine.  With both of them doing a good job leading the song vocally they capture the mood perfectly.  I would slightly say that Dasom's voice fits this song best out of everybody else, but that doesn't diminish the fact that all four of them are good in this song.

3.  Touch My Body
Touch My Body is a feel good song about the girls having a crush on a guy and wanting to spend time with him.  Lyrically there isn't much special about this song.  This is a message we have heard a million times and it's become a cliche at this point.  However, musically and vocally this is one of Sistar's most catchy songs.  This one I can't really say who stands out most, they all do a good job.  Bora's rapping sounds great, Hyorin, Dasom, and Soyou all sound good when they are singing.  This has been credited as the song that got Sistar world wide attention and I can see why.  With it being catchy musically and vocally it can capture the attention of anybody who listens to it.  

2.  Loving U
Loving U is another feel good song, pretty similar to Touch My Body.  A feel good song about having a crush on someone.  Musically, it is a little more simple but that is made up for in the girls vocals.   I would say that Soyou and Bora are the best in this song.  Soyou's voice matches the mood perfectly and Bora's rapping also fits the song well.  The thing that makes this song stand out so well, aside from the members excellent vocals, is the catchy chorus.  Out of all the songs I have heard from Sistar so far, this is defiantly  one that I remember most for it's chorus.  

1.  I Swear
I Swear is very good song, about being loyal to the person you love.  The music itself is pretty good, with its upbeat vibe and good use of the saxophone this is some of the most memorable music in Sistar's discography.  Vocally, Hyorin and Soyou sound amazing  and once again, Bora does a good job rapping.  Without a doubt this is one of the best songs I have heard Hyorin singing on.  I do feel a bad for Dasom in this song though.  She gets a short section to shine and then sticks to backup vocals on the rest of the song.  Having said that I still think this is one of the best Sistar song and it gave me a good introduction to Sistar.