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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yohio Our Story Review

     Once when I was watching a top visual kei video I came across this artist named Yohio.  To my surprise he wasn't Japanese and didn't have the usual accent that most Japanese artists have when they sing in English. He actually sang English fluently like he was from America.  However, Yohio is actually a musician from Sweden who although sings in Japanese he also has a good amount of English songs.  Our Story was the first English single he released shortly after his band Seremedy broke up.  As far as the song goes the first thing I like about it is the instrumentals in the song.  It is heavy but also very melodic and as a result delivers a good power ballad vibe.  It is not as good as, but it makes me think of 18 And Life by Skid Row with the heavy and melodic combo.  The song makes you emotional and makes you think but still has a very high energy.  As for Yohio's vocals I think he is a good singer.  His high range vocals work well with the song and help give it a more positive feel.

     The video itself is pretty good but nothing new.  The video is smooth and allows you to take in the song well.  However, it is something that you have seen before and to a lot of people it has become cliche.  I don't hold that against Yohio personally because I think that is something that can't be helped when you do a video for a song like this.  Your range of options that makes sense to people is pretty small when it comes to ballads and they have all been done before so there isn't really anything new that people can bring to the table when it comes to ballads.  

Even though the video is nothing new the song itself if pretty good.  It makes great use of the classic power ballad formula and delivers a very enjoyable song.  The verdict for this one is 4 out of 5.  

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