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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kelun Shuna Review

(I know that the band was called Utari at this time, but the name was short lived and people know them better as Kelun, with that  lets get started)

      I remember discovering this band through watching the anime called Bleach.  Their song called Chu Bura was the 8th opening in the anime and after hearing that intro I looked deeper in the bands catalog and just loved them.  These guys have gone on to be one of my favorite Jrock bands, with their uplifting sound and great vocals this makes for one killer band.  
      First of all, singer/guitarist Ryousuke is a great, I love his voice and while he is not the best guitar player I have ever heard he still produces a great sound that helps build the song. Satou, the bass player is very fast and constant in his playing.  At times is seems like his bass is the lead in the song and not the guitar which is a nice change of pace, considering the formula that we are used to.  Last but certainly not least is Masahiro the drummer.  He is one of the more faster drummers I have heard but it adds to the energy of the song without being distracting and you can still enjoy the song.
     The video itself is pretty good. The visuals are nice and it isn't too over the top like some Jpop videos I have seen.  Basically, it is perfectly balanced to where you think it's a nice video but you still pay more attention to the song.  The bands look is nothing special, they just perform in their normal cloths and, while I feel that look is too generic these days,  I don't think much on it.  It is their thing and I have no problem with that.
     I have to say I like this song a lot, it has high energy and has an uplifting sound and vocals that can help a person get through a bad day.  With all this I give Shuna  a 4.5 out of 5.          

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