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Friday, February 19, 2016

Gackt Jesus Review

Gackt is one of the most popular singers in Japan with a wide range of music.  Even though you can tell that rock is the center of his music he throws in a lot of elements ranging from pop to metal.  This is one of his more songs that is closer to metal.  Now with the song title when you hear or see a song titled Jesus you think it is either going to be about embracing God or rejecting God.  This song is actually neither of those topics.  At first you might think it is an anti God song but it is actually a song about suicide.  The video shows what appears to be a Nazi soldier soldier from world war 2 contemplating on taking his life.  Now I love this music video, it is almost like a short movie with the video focusing on this guy questioning weather he should live or die and not knowing how it will end. Not only the story but the atmosphere fits the music perfectly.  The song is very dark and this dark room matches that perfectly. I love it when a music video not only matches a songs mood but matches a songs message and this music video does both.  Now the music, I love the music a lot, it is not super technical but for a song like this where you are supposed to be focused on the messaged it doesn't need to be.  As for Gackt's voice and singing, I think he is a good singer, he knows his range and limits and he is able to perform well with what he can bring to the song.   The guitar solo is a little repetitive but it isn't long enough to get annoying and boring so I think it works.  I'm not a big fan of the bands look in this video but the video and music makes up for it.  This video and music are really good and you can tell that Gackt is trying to send a message about suicide awareness and not just simply trying to make a hit with this song and that for me is a big plus. I love songs that make you think and have authenticity to them and don't just focus on having a good time.  As for people who think that this is an attack on Christianity or an attack on God I say relax.  I am a Christian and I did not get any such message from this song. In fact, I would say you could actually that it is for Jesus.  My verdict on this song is a 4 out of 5. This song is on Itunes I recommend you get it now.

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