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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why I Don't Like Miley Cyrus

When it comes to Miley Cyrus I think of her as annoying, obnoxious, and quite frankly becoming less and less talented as she does more music.  When it comes to her modern music I get two themes from it,  twerking and seeing how outrageous she can be, as shown by the video below

I'm not going to get on her case about her look because being a fan of visual kei I have seen some over the top looks myself.  However, what makes them different from her is that they are good musicians and their songs have meaning that goes deeper then their image.  For Example, The Gazette, Guren

As you can see, the band's look is different to say the least, but their music is good, it's deep sounding with a deep message.  Miley Cyrus at fist had that deepness with songs like the Climb.

While I don't think that the music was the best in the world it had depth and it had a good message about pursuing your goals even with all the obstacles that are in the way.  She has lost that now and is all about being over the top.  With her outrageous videos and outrageous behavior, it makes it hard to take her seriously. The song wrecking ball could have been a great breakup song with depth but with her sexual behavior in the video distracts from that and you have a hard time taking in the message that lyrics portray and that is not good.  Now with songs like Dooo it and BB Talk I just can't take her seriously at all anymore. Miley Cyrus is part of the reason that I wanted to look into more music abroad and see what the world had to offer. Because of her trying to just be more and more over the top she has lost substance in her music and even if there is substance her videos are so outrageous that you can't take it seriously.  

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