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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shinedown Sound of Madness

The Sound of Madness

When it comes liking a full CD, record, or album these days it is difficult to say the least. With our IPhones allowing us to pick and choose what songs we like it is easy not to listen and take in a good album for all it has to offer. however, if there is one album I can enjoy listening to from beginning to end it is Sound Of Madness by the band Shinedown.  From the build up in the beginning with Devour to the soft ending with Call Me every song is great.  It's a nice mixture of in your face heavy rock n roll and nice easy listening power ballads. Most people who have heard of this album but are not a big fan of Shinedown know it only for the song, Second Chance.  While I do think that it is a good song there is so much more on it then that.  Songs like If You Only Knew and Crow And The Butterfly are all very good and in my opinion better then Second Chance.  Even the songs that are not hits like Sin With A Grin and Breaking Inside are great songs, very well written and very well composed. With the deep voice of singer Brent Smith, the combination of soft acoustic, heavy melodic guitar playing of Zach Myers, and the producing aid of their bass player Eric Bass makes Sound Of Madness a great album to listen to from beginning to end.

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