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Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Attitude Towards KPop Group "Girls Generation"

Through out my life I had heard many styles of music and ultimately I chose to be a rocker.  I came to love rock n roll because of the variety with genres like Heavy Metal, Classic, and Prog Rock. Rock N Roll is and always will be my main music style.  While I have come to appreciate other genres of music, one that I still have trouble embracing in pop. while there are some exceptions, with a few artists, over all I could not stand pop. Lyrically it was all the same, songs about sex, partying, love ballads, and look how sexy I look.  Artists like Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Justin Bieber, and worst of all, Miley Cyrus drove me nuts and are what made me start looking abroad musically, Japan is still my favorite country musically with all the diversity, and then the big YouTube video Gangnam Style by PSY came out.  That video was my first introduction to Kpop and while I found the video entertaining it did not distract me from how repetitive and lack of substance the music was.  With that I did not have much confidence in what Kpop had to offer, then I discovered Girls Generation.  At first I thought it would just be like American Pop, but I was wrong. First of all, while they have some sex appeal it was not the biggest factor in their music.  They don't wear outfits supper revealing like in the U.S. and for me that is great because it is sending a message to focus on what we are singing and not how we look.  the second thing is that they are all good singers, they have good voices and  even though their is 8 (used to be 9) members they are able to make the songs flow well with no one being too dominant.  Another thing I like about them is how well they work together.  No one in this group has a huge ego and no one thinks it is all about them, they constantly support each other and are good friends.  Lastly I like that songs are over all more positive and more depth then a lot of American pop.  Instead of singing about wanting to have sex with the guy, with the exception of 1 song, they sing about wanting to have a good relation ship with the guy. This was refreshing for me after seeing and hearing all the pop in America, Girls Generation is a group I openly support.  When I discovered that they beat out all the American Pop stars and won video of the year at the 2013 YouTube Awards I was really happy, even though some people think it's wrong that they won I say it's about time. Girls Generation is more then having a great body and sex appeal, they are very uplifting, they are talented, they are worth checking out.  This doesn't mean that I have embraced the Kpop genre as a whole but this group is one that deserves to be right up there with some of the biggest pop stars in America and I hope they achieve that someday.

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