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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Girl's Day I Miss You Review

When I first discovered Kpop music videos I only saw them as very over the top and all over the place. Some examples that come to mind are I Got A Boy by Girls Generation and Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.  Then I discovered I Miss You by Girl's Day and man was I surprised.  First of all, I love how deep this song and video is. It is simple, with it just showing the members either sitting and singing or in their own areas deep in their thoughts.  I like it because it perfectly reflects the theme of the song, which is about being broken up and feeling the urge to back together.  As for the four members of Girl's Day, Sojin, Minah, Yura, and Hyeri I think they are good singers and did a good job singing it, Yura's rapping was actually pretty good, which is something I don't say lightly, especially in this day and age.  One of the few criticisms I have though is that Hyeri and Minah are the dominant voices in this song. I wish that Sojin and Yura had a little more time in the song.  My other minor criticism is that they didn't write the song, which is shame for me because when the artists writes the song it feels more personal because you think it reflects what they are feeling at the time.  I am not saying that they do that for all their songs, but for this one they didn't write it.  Now having said those 2 criticisms, I think the song is good and I think the video is good.   It reflects the mood of the song perfectly and I think the artists involved in the song did a great job I give it a 4 out 5.

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