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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nocturnal Bloodlust, One Of The Few Hardcore Bands I Like

For a long time I wasn't able to listen to hardcore, death metal, or screamo music because it seemed to me like the bands were just trying to be as loud and fast as the could and it sounded like noise to me. Then to my surprise I discovered this band, Nocturnal Bloodlust.  Now after looking into their catalog they do have some of songs that are like the death metal I don't like but overall I came to find them very unique.  The first thing I like to point out is that these guys are really good musicians.  The first guy that comes to mind is the bands lead guitarist Cazqui. This guy is one of the best soloists I have ever seen because he is well diverse in his playing.  He can bust out a nice sweet melodic solo or just go all out and shred and he does both very well.  Then there is the singer Hiro.  While he does tend to do a lot of growling and screaming the guy also has a very good singing voice as well.  If you listen to his voice in songs like Libra and Aster he has a real good melodic voice to bring to those songs. Which leads me to my second point.  Unlike how some of these hardcore bands tend to stay  away from ballads this band actually embraces them.  Libra is an interesting song because it has hard parts in it but at the same time it is able to give off a nice ballad feel which I haven't seen too much from a band of their sub genre.  In a weird way these guys are actually one the most diverse bands I have ever seen. While you can tell they tend to stay closer to the hardcore side they are not scared to venture new ground and with the talent they have they can certainly pull it off. I will say this band is worth a listen.  If you like their music you can get it on Itunes, Ebay, and Amazon. Check them out

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