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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mejibray Secret No.03 Review

Oh Boy, where to begin.  Now I have stated that I am a fan of visual kei but sometimes there are exceptions to that and this is one of them.  I have never been a big fan of trying to scare and shock people just to be shocking. For example, when The Gazette use disturbing visuals in their Filth In The Beauty video it is because they are trying to address the issue of rape and that I can support.  However, when Marilyn Manson tries to scare you in his Sweet Dreams video just to try to shock people that is something I have a hard time getting behind and that is where this song and video falls in.  The video appears with the band showing up to a dark psychotic party with a look that feels very inspired by Marilyn Manson.  It is not something I care for much.  As for the music,  I am not a big fan of Tsuzuku's (singer) voice. I don't think he's a bad singer I just don't think he's that great.  MIA's (guitar) playing isn't that great in my opinion in this song, especially when you listen to his playing in some of the bands other songs he can actually do some cool soloing.  The fact that he doesn't really showcase that much in this song i think is a real let down.  Koichi (bass) is a pretty good bass player but again doesn't showcase it much in the song.  In the music video he is not even playing his bass.  He is just wondering around with his pink loud speaker.  when the rest of the band is playing their instruments and your the only one not playing it, it feel out of place in my opinion.  Then there is METO (drums),  this guy really has a goal to be the most odd and freaky looking member of the band.  His look in this video is just the latest and if your a fan of the band you would expect that from him so that is normal.  As for his skill on drums I think he is a good drummer but again I feel this song doesn't bring out his best.  Sadly, I feel like I have to give this song a 2 out of 5.  Now, that doesn't mean I hate the band completely.  I just don't like this song.  I personally like the songs Divergence and Nephenthes.  Check those songs out they are worth listening to.

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