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Friday, March 11, 2016

Slade, The band that spawned Quiet Riot

 When it comes to Quiet Riot most people know the band for "Cum On Feel The Noize".  It would go down as one of the bands most successful songs and is still considered an 80's metal classic by many today.

However, what some people don't know is that it is a cover tune.  "Cum On Feel The Noize" was originally performed and written by an English band called Slade.
Slade started in the 60's and, were at height of their success in the 70's.  Known mainly for their singer, Noddy Holder (who it was rumored was asked to replace BOn Scott in AC/DC after Scott died), Slade had many hits in their time from "Cum On Feel The Noize" to "Run Runaway", and were huge globally. The bands days appeared to be numbered by the end of the 70's, but a last minute call to fill in for Ozzy Osborne at the 1980 Reading Festival proved to be pivotal in the band's resurgence, at least in the U.K.While apprehensive before the show they proved to be the story of the day, bringing the house down and leaving Def Leppard to come onstage to a crowd still screaming for Slade!   Sadly though they would never achieve the same level of success in the U.S. that Quiet Riot had.
The funny thing is that when Quiet Riot was presented with the song at first they despised it and wanted nothing to do with the song or Slade for that matter.  However, as people know that did not come to be, as Quiet Riot recorded the song and it became one of the high points in their career.  Another thing that people don't know is that Quiet Riot actually covered 2 songs from this band. The second one was "Mama Weer All Crazy Now".

Below is Slade's version

So as you can see Quiet Riot, and many other bands for that matter, owe a lot of their success to Slade.  As for which version you prefer, that is up to you.  Now, don't get me wrong, Quiet Riot is a good band that deserves the fame they have, but it does bother me that they are still remember world wide while Slade has become a regional band in this day and age.  Slade is a talented and underrated band that deserves a lot more credit then they have received.  You can get their stuff on Itunes, Ebay, Amazon, and, go check them out.

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  1. ....and the songs covered by Quiet Riot weren't really even Slade's best tunes!...