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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Angelica, Walkin In Faith

     Walkin In Faith by Angelica is without a doubt one of my favorite records of all time.  I love every single song on the album and can't count how many times I have listened to its entirety.  Debuted in 1988, Angelica was a Christian band founded by guitarist, Dennis Cameron.  Sadly, they debuted too little too late, for in a few years grunge music would become the new thing and as a result the band disbanded in 1992.  It's a shame because these are all talented musicians, and if they debuted just a few years earlier they might have been right behind the big Christian band of the 80's,  Stryper.  As good as their music in general is, the one album I will recommend from this band without hesitation is Walkin in Faith.  

     Musically, what I love about this album is how much everybody put's into it.  From the melodic speed guitar solo's of Dennis Cameron, the heavy bass playing of Robert Pallen, and the intense high vocals of Jerome Mazza, everybody gives it their all.  The three songs that demonstrate this best on the album are Hold On, Bring Into Being, and Sing and Shout.  Both show cases the members talents well and you really get a good sense of their chemistry.  My personal favorite on this record is with out a doubt Sing and Shout.  The guitar driven intro in the song is awesome and the rest of the song is good heavy rock while at the same time being one of the most uplifting songs I have ever heard.  Like I heard a YouTube guy named Razorfist once say, some good Van Halen style worship. Check out some of these songs shown below.  

Sing And Shout

Bring Into Being

Hold On

     Lyrically, this albums is very successful in as well.  Much like Stryper, these guys are very open with their Christian Faith, and that message is made clear in this album.  The lyrics also flow very well together in every song which is always helpful when listening to a song with a message this driven.  Best song on the album lyrically is Hold On.  The lyric structure in that song flows very well and is much like a story.  With the verse being about being in your darkest hour, the pre chorus showing hope, and then the chorus being the light at the end of the tunnel you get a well written story in the form of a song.  

      It's a shame that this band's career was so short lived, because they are so talented and sounded so good together.   I feel they could have gone on to be a very good band.  The good news, is that what they did put out their is fantastic and is available.  I personally say that this entire album would make for some great worship music.  With the uplifting message and not afraid to express a humans painful side, the church could use this music.  If you are a Christian rocker, you need to get this album.  Even if you are not rocker and just like Christian music, you should get this album.  Also, if you are a fan of good 80's metal, this is an album you should get, Christian or not.  This album is on Spotify to listen to.  If you like it, the album is available on ITunes and Amazon, listen to it, buy it, love it.  


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