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Friday, April 7, 2017

5 Girl Group KPop Songs To Check Out

     KPop is a very interesting genre, with it's over the top videos and dancing it has become a genre that has captured peoples attention all over the internet making it very successful.  To be honest when I first heard of KPop I didn't have much confidence in it.  I was impressed that it was making an impact in America, but I also thought that it would be short lived and would crash and burn very fast.  To my surprise it not only survived but it has also has only grown in popularity.  (I'm still not a fan of the guy groups though, sorry Shinee and Big Bang).  With Girls Generation winning video of the year at the YouTube music video awards, Sistar being featured on family guy, and 2NE1 appearing on The Bachelor and America's Next Top Model KPop has certainly come a long way in the American music scene.  While I don't consider myself a big fan of the genre, there are some groups I have come to enjoy listening to and like much better then a lot of modern American Pop Stars.  It isn't because they are better song writers or have more substance, it's that what they lack in substance they make up for in musical talent.  Some of these artists are damn good soulful singers and make me willing to pick them over Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus any day.  With that, lets get started.

2NE1: Goodbye

     While I am not a big fan of 2NE1 I got to give them big props for their farewell song "Goodbye".   This is truly a song from the heart,  while listening to it you can hear the girls sadness and pain.  CL wrote the lyrics to the song and she does not hold back her thoughts and feelings.  The acoustic guitar sets the mood perfectly and you know your in for a sad song before the girls even start singing.  This is not very common in Kpop that I have seen so far, so to see this kind of approach to a song felt fresh, it's just sad that it is their farewell song. The music video portrays the girls pain and sadness very well.  While I was watching it I could not help but to feel bad for the girls even though I am not really a fan.   I like this song because, unlike how many artists and bands do a farewell show or a farewell tour to try to end on a high note, these girls instead are being genuine with their audience and saying that they are not happy that they are disbanding.  Not only that but the music and vocals are very conveying to the point that someone like me who is not a big fan of 2NE1 feels bad that they are disbanding, and for that I recommend this song.   

Sistar: I Swear

   Next is the fun sounding I swear by Sistar.  One thing that stands out is Hyorin's vocals.  The girl is a great singer and it makes total sense to me why she is the groups leader.  Soyou's vocals are also worth noting. I also like the music for the song as well. I like the horn jam and the funk like rthym seciton supporting the horns.  I also like the music video as well.   Where as most KPop music videos are very over the top with crazy sets and stages, this one is more simple.  Really, it is just simply showing the girls having fun with life by swimming and hanging out in their car.  While their is still many different shooting sets like in most KPop videos it isn't over the top and it's nice to see every once in a while in KPOP. If you like good fun sounding KPop, this song is for you.

Taeyeon: Make Me Love You

   Taeyeon's talent in her main group "Girls Generation" carries well over into her solo career and her latest song "Make Me Love You" is a great example of that.  This is a good easy listening song that makes you feel good and is pleasant to listen to with your spouse, weather they speak Korean or not.  The biggest aspect of the song is definitely Taeyon herself.  She's got a great voice and where some KPop singers have an accent when they sing in English, you really don't notice it with her.  All the English she sings is fluent and crystal clear. This is also another music video that I loved.  It leans more towards the standard KPop video formula but it fits the song very well and the camera movements are awesome. I'm big fan of close ups and camera movements and this video executes both of the well. 

Girl's Day: I Miss You 

      I Miss You by Girl's Day is another good KPop ballad.  However, where as Make Me Love You is about longing to be in a relationship, I Miss You is a break up song about breaking up with your ex and longing to move on from that relationship.  All four girls sound good with Hyeri and Minah taking lead and for good reason, their voices fit the tone this song is going for perfectly.  The piano and acoustic guitar are very simple, but sometimes in a song like this that is exactly what you need.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for technicality and trying to take your music to the next level.  However, sometimes you don't need to and this song is a good example of that.  Out of all the KPop videos I have on the list this is the most simple out of all of them.  There is not much to the sets and the camera movements and angles are nothing too fancy.  However, for a song like this that is a good thing.  Again, sometimes simplicity is better then technicality.  

Girls Generation: Way To Go

     As a rocker this song naturally caught my attention.  With it's heavy guitar and faster pace music I came to really like this song.  One thing I have always liked about Girls Generation is that, even though there are 9 members, (at the time of this song), they all get a decent amount of time and they all sound good vocally.  Like I established already, I like the music a lot compared to a lot of KPop songs.  The guitar is simple chords and riffs, but it works well, especially in a music scene where you don't hear it that often.  The music video is pretty much them having fun singing the song in front of a single camera and a bunch of behind the scenes footage of their set for Gee, the main music video.  While this is not Girls Generation's biggest song, it is good and in my opinion one of their best live songs.  If they ever performed this song with a live band it would sound great.  This song is for those who, like myself, lean more towards rock n roll.  If you are looking for some rock in KPop, then you should check this song out.  


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