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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dadaroma Risley Circus Review

     Dadaroma is defiantly one of the most Goth and darkest Visual Kei bands I have ever seen, and it is a trend they carry well into their song, Risley Circus.  Dadaroma is a band that is known for their very dark goth looks and their dark creepy sounding music.  I tend to think of these guys as like a Japanese Marilyn Manson.  They debuted in 2014 at an Aids Medication festival in japan and while they are not one of the biggest visual kei bands ever they have developed a good cult following which is a good sign for them considering that this band is only 3 years old.

     Musically, there is a lot I like about this song. If you ask me, the music fits the songs title very well, you feel like your in a strange circus while listening to it and that is nice bonus points to add to this song.  The opening drum and guitar combination is really cool and the singers creepy sounding monologue makes a great intro to the song.  I also think the main intro is guitar riff played by Takashi is pretty cool.  Same is to be said of the bands drummer, Yusuke.  Yoshiatsu delivers some pretty good vocals on this song.  With a spooky monologue and verse he then moves into a more melodic pre chorus that follows up with a melodic chorus.  I do think the solo section could have been a little bit better though.  I feel it was a little repetitive and could have been a little bit longer.  However, overall the music is pretty good.

     Lyrically, the song is pretty good as well.  Just like the music, it matches the the title of the song perfectly.  It is basically talking about wanting attention in a circus and the things that people are willing to do and the dangers they will take for that attention.  Whether there is an underlining message or not, I will leave up to you to decide.

    The music video, again, matches the title of the song perfectly.  The set basically looks like a deranged group of circus people, with the singer looking like a scary clown and the rest of the band having their typical goth look.  However, their look does blend in well with this particular set.  The only problems I have with this video is its opening and the girl featured in it.  I personally feel like the opening dragged out a little longer then it needed to.  As for the girl, I feel like she was not necessary and the video would have been fine with out her in it.  Having said that, the music video is still pretty good and worth checking out.

This is a pretty good song, and one I think is worth a buy for sure.  While I don't think these guys are great musicians, they are still good and know how to play to their strengths.  With the singers spooky vocals and the good combo work of the drums and guitar you have a great song.  Considering all that I give the song a 4 out of 5

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