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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Top 10 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Sound Track Songs

     When it comes to the Legend of Zelda games and their soundtracks the possibilities are endless.  Every game soundtrack is great and sounds amazing.  However though, for me the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time soundtrack will always be my favorite.  Composed by Koji Kondo, who has written the soundtracks for many Legend of Zelda and Mario titles really brought this game to life through these songs.  Everything from the Hyrule Field theme song to epic Ganadorf Battle theme is some of the best orchestra music I have heard in a long time.  It's catchy, it's memorable, and you can listen to it repeatedly in  the game and not get bothered by it.   There are many different variations of these songs to get, but the one I recommend is the performance done by the Trend Orchestra.  In my opinion, they do these songs more justice them most.  The performance is available on Itunes and I highly recommend it if you love this soundtrack like I do.  With that, check out my top ten songs from this amazing soundtrack.

10.  Fire Temple (Original Theme)

While the second version is still good, nothing beats the original.  I remember playing this temple for the first time and actually getting  scared and being on edge because of this song.  The music itself creates an weird feeling as soon as you enter and then when you hear the chanting, you start to freak out and feel like your walking through a haunted temple.  In the end it got changed and modified because the chants were that of an Islamic prayer.  It's a shame because the chants were a big part of giving this song it's scary feeling without them it didn't feel the same.  

9.  Ice Cavern Theme

This was a song that could have many moods depending where you are in the Ice Cavern.  If you are in an area with no enemies or danger it can sound beautiful and mystical.  However, if you know you are entering a room with danger in it, this song puts you on alert you are looking for something to come at you.  What's great is how simple the music is and yet be able to capture those moods.  It's only a few notes and it is only a minute long, yet you can get so many feelings with it and I think that is really cool.

8.  Lost Woods Theme

Without a doubt one of the most fun songs in the game.   With the dual leads and upbeat rhythm section you are in for a real entertaining song.  Which a nice addition when you are trying to navigate the Lost Woods, especially your first time through the game.  The song is also a good exploration song as well.  When you are going through the Lost Woods the tone of this songs encourages you to want to explore every aspect of it and not just get to the main phase.  

7. Middle Boss Theme

This is one of best battle songs ever.  Every time I fought a hard enemy this song made me feel like I was in a fight for my life and created that intense feeling when in combat.  The best example I can think of is when I fought Dark Link in the Water Temple.  The faster pace drum beat and the combination of  uneasy and intense music makes me anxious for a fight when I hear it.  

6.  Song of Storms

You can't do a list like this and leave out Song of Storms.  This is without a doubt one the most popular songs in the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and for good reason.  It's catchy, it's fun, and at the same time slightly mysterious.  The rhythm instruments are what create the fun and while there are some fun parts in the leads, they are what add the mystery in this song and it works very effectively. 

5.  Sheik's Theme

This is a very nice beautiful easy listening song that puts you in a good mood.  The harp playing is really good and while it sounds good in the game it is also fun to listen to when your not playing.  There have been plenty of time where I was lying around relaxing and I would put this song on to reinforce that feeling.  If you ever want a beautiful song to listen to while lying down, this is it.

4.  Zora's Domain Theme

This is song that is good for listening to while relaxing and/or sitting on the beach.  The simple drums and acoustic guitar work together perfectly to give that vibe.  It also works very well for the location it plays in, considering that the Zora's are water dwelling people, you can't do much better then this.  It was a really smart move on Nintendo's part to use this in the sequel because in my opinion there is no better song for the Zora's then this one.

3.  Hyrule Field Theme

This is a fun exploration theme song.  It is fun to listen to while you are exploring the games map and its uplifting and positive feel plays a part in you wanting to continue the game.  This also one the best orchestra songs in the entire game.  The rhythm section sound very good and all the different lead instruments and the combination's of those instruments used in the song makes it very unique and from many game soundtracks of the time and even today.  

2.  Gerudo Valley Theme

Another favorite from this games soundtrack.  The finger picking of the acoustic guitar is amazing with a good combo of classical and Latino music that is great.  The horns also deserve credit as well. their lead sections are good and when they combine it takes the sound to the next level.  In the game it fits the desert perfectly.  You feel in the right location when listening to it in the desert and this is the kind song that could of also worked in old westerns back in the day.  One movie that comes to mind is John Wayne's The Alamo.  Now, you may not notice the similarities right away but trust me, they are there.  

1.  Spirit Temple Theme

Out of all the temple themes in this game this one is my favorite.  Not only does it match the Egyptian feel perfectly but its mysterious and eerie sound it makes the spirit temple experience truly feel unique and very much like walking through an Egyptian palace.  What makes this really different from all the other temples is that while it is mysterious, it isn't haunting.  I never feel on edge or freaked out at all when listening to it.  In fact, I actually find it helpful in not only getting me through the temple, but actually wanting to explore it and collect everything. It is because of that difference that this is my favorite temple song.  



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