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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Circle, A Combination of Greats

Sammy Hagar is without a doubt a man of many talents and skills.  From his own music, to his own club, to producing his own liquor, the man is without a doubt very diverse in talents.  One talent I would like to add to the list is his ability to bring great musicians and deliver great music.  He did it with Chickenfoot and has done it once again with The Circle, At Your Service.  Consisting of Sammy Hagar on vocals and guitar, his partner in crime Michael Anthony on bass and backing vocals, Jason Bonham on drums, and Vic Johnson on guitar, the circle debuted in 2015. With a live album consisting of Sammy Hagar, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Montrose songs,  they four men deliver a fantastic live performance that echoes well in this album.  

One of the first things I would like to point out is Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony's vocals.  Despite their age, they still sound almost as good as they did in the 80's.  Sammy's voice hasn't changed much and Michael can still hit those high notes even today.  Vic Johnson does a great job on guitar on this record. He stays true to the songs he's performing while at the same time sneaking in his own style to deliver a great sound.  Sammy Hagar does good guitar work when he is playing as well.  While he is not the best guitar player in the world, he knows what he is good at and delivers well at it.  Michael Anthony still has the amazing bass skills he had in Van Halen and continues to display that bass work in this concert as well.  Jason Bonham defiantly still has his fathers touch.  He delivers great sounding drum work that is best heard during his drum solo and Moby Dick.   

Like I said earlier,  the music sounds awesome on this record.  All the songs sound good and a few of them have new takes on them.  The best one is the acoustic take on Dreams.  It sounds amazing and is a nice spin on a great Van Halen ballad.  Another great song is the the great Montrose song, Rock Candy.  With the amazing opening riff, you are in for trip back in time to some of the most underrated classic rock in history.  If you like Led Zeppelin, or Aerosmith  you need to look this band up.  Aside from Sammy Hagar's vocals, Ronnie Montrose does some fantastic guitar playing that has inspired many great musicians.

With the musicians sounding as good as ever and paying big respect to these classic songs your in for a real treat.  If you like good old classic rock n roll and/or good Hagar era Van Halen music, then you need to get this album.  The Circle, At Your Service is available on ITunes and Amazon, but if you ask me, this is a record deserves getting a physical copy of.  If you find this at your record store don't think twice, buy it.    

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