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Monday, June 19, 2017

Diaura Universe Review

Popular Japanese Visual Kei band, Diaura, came out with a new song in February, called Universe.  Diaura has made a name for themselves among the visual kei music scene in Japan with songs such as Trigger, Lily, and their biggest hit, Lost November.  Many people have considered Diaura one of the most popular bands of the visual kei music scene in Japan.  With all that, lets see how good Universe is,

Musically, Diaura continues with the heavy melodic metal sound that the band is known for.  The first thing I would like to recognize is the melodic guitar work of Kei.  Kei does great melodic guitar soloing in this song that is superb and adds a good emotional feel to the song.  He also busts out some good heavy riffs in the songs verse that really adds to the energy.  It seems to me that with each new release for Diaura, Kei keeps on getting better as a guitar player and in this song he demonstrates it very well. Yo-ka does great vocal work in this song as usual.  His deep, melodic voice is very unique and really plays a huge part in what make this band unique and great.  

Lyrically, the band continues their deep emotional message of sticking together through hard times.  The band does a great job with these lyrics and communicates the message very well.  However, this is a message the band does a lot and as a result it feels a little generic and not unique anymore.  To be clear, the lyrics are not bad, but they are safe, the band didn't really venture into new territory with this song, lyrically.  

While the song isn't new lyrically, the music is great.  The band continues to progress musically while staying true to their core sound.  Kei seems to be getting better at his instrument and Yo-ka continues to display amazing vocal talent.  This is a song you should check out if you are a fan of Diaura and visual kei.  If you are a metal fan looking for some new music, this song is defiantly something you should check out.  With great music that show the bands progression I give Universe a 4 out of 5.  

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