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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime, a Concept Masterpiece

When it comes to concept records, few have made the impact that Operation Mindcrime had.  Recorded by Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime tells the story of a man who gets caught up in a terrorist organization and wanting out of it.  The album got released in 1988 and has since gone on to be one of the most classic concept records in music history.  

The album kicks off with Remember Now, an mysterious intro with the main character stating he remembers what he did.  Then we get hit the the rockin instrumental intro, Anarchy X.  This is a short, but great rock intro to the rest of the album.  Then, we finally get the first vocal song on the album with Revolution Calling.  Chris DeGarmo gives a great intro guitar solo to the song which is followed by the amazing voice of Geoff Tate, as seen in the highlighted  link below.
Revolution Calling

Christ Degarmo

Geoff Tate

The album goes on with a nice flow from song to song that is amazing and very ground breaking for its time.  The transitions are smooth and never sound out of place which is very hard to pull off, but Queensryche pulled it off very effectively.  Some transitions that stick out most in my mind are when Break the Silence goes into I Don't Believe in Love and when My Empty Room goes into Eyes of a Stranger.  The transitions set up the next songs perfectly and really get you excited for them.  

The songs themselves are fantastic.  They are all well composed and every musician in the band gives it their all to make every song unique and great to listen to.  Some of my favorite song on the album include Suite Sister Mary, I Don't Believe in Love, and Eyes of a Stranger.  Suite Sister Mary has a great mysterious sound to it that I haven't heard often in metal.  I Don't Believe in Love has amazing guitar work, great bass work, and fantastic vocals.  Similar thing with Eyes of a Stranger, Chris Degarmo does great guitar work and Geoff Tate's vocals are very unique and stand out.  Check out all three songs by clicking the highlighted links below.  

With a great concept, an amazing flow, and fantastic songs, Operation Mindcrime is a must have album.  Even if you are not a huge metal fan I still highly recommend you buy this album.  You can preview this album by listening to it on Spotify, and if you like it you can get it on ITunes, Amazon, or Ebay.  I personally recommend getting a physical copy of the album.  Trust me, it is one album you will want to add to either your CD collection, or vinyl, if you can get one.  Operation Mindcrime, listen to it, love it, buy it.  

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