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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Top 5 War Movie Soundtracks

I love to watch a good war movie.  When it is done right, war movies are some of the most emotional and intense movie experiences ever.  War movies also have some of the best movie soundtracks I have ever heard.  Typically containing a great orchestra composition and arrangement that gives each movie soundtrack it's unique sound.  Here are the top 5 war movie soundtracks.

5.  The Alamo (1960)

This movie alone was really great and I highly recommend it to anybody.  John Wayne did a great job directing the movie and acting as the legendary Davy Crockett.  However, the soundtrack composed and arranged by Dimitri Tiomkin is also very amazing.  He does a great job of not just making great music, but really capturing the atmosphere and the time period the movie takes place in.  When you listen to it you feel like your in Texas in the early 1800's when it was still a Mexican territory.  He also does a great job of matching each song to the scene it was being used for.  If it was a battle scene the music is fast pace and intense.  If it is a soft emotional scene, the music was toned down perfectly to match it.  With a soundtrack that captures each scene of the movie it is attached to, it is no wonder that this would be one of the top movie soundtracks of 1960. This soundtrack is available on ITunes and you can also get a physical copy on Amazon or Ebay if you choose. Get it how you wish but buy it and listen to it.

4.  Braveheart

Braveheart is without a doubt one of the most legendary movies ever made. Mel Gibson did a great job directing and acting in it and as a result it is considered on of the best movies in history.  One of the biggest factors to the movies success is the soundtrack composed by James Horner.  James Horner does a great job of creating great music with a good Scottish feel to it.  He also creates some of the most catchy music that really helps the movie to stick to people after they are done watching.  Along with all that, Braveheart has one of the most emotional soundtracks I have every heard.  Every song you hear really connects you to the emotion in the movie and it really sticks with you.  The soundtrack is available on ITunes, and Amazon, don't think twice, get it.

3.  Glory

Glory is a great American Civil War movie that touches on  African Americans during the war.  This soundtrack is another James Horner master piece.  In this movie, Horner decided to do an orchestra and quire vocal combination that is delivered very well.  While there are not vocals in every song on the soundtrack, it really sticks out when it appears.  The best example is the Assault on Fort Wagner song.  The use of the vocals in this song really adds to the intensity of the battle taking place and it really gets you more engaged in the scene.  When you are not watching the moving, this song is still able to communicate that feeling very well and that is what makes a great movie soundtrack.  Don't overlook the orchestra though.  James Horner did a great job composing the music and each orchestra piece sounds amazing.  This soundtrack is not available on ITunes, but you can buy a physical copy on Amazon and Ebay.  Trust me, it is worth buying.

2.  The Patriot

The Patriot is great movie about the American Revolution.  This movie is another Mel Gibson master piece, great acting, and great directing from him.  This movie was fortunate to have the great John Williams compose and arrange the music on it.  John Williams did fantastic work with movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park.  He continues to carry that into The Patriot.  John Williams does a great job of  using great orchestra music, as he has done for most of his movies, and also making music that really captures the time period.  When you listen to some of these songs, you feel like your in the 1700's and in the Revolutionary war.  Along with all this, John Williams manages to compose music that fits each scene in the movie and really captures what scene is about.  Sadly, only the theme song is available on ITunes.  However,  you can buy a physical copy on Amazon or Ebay, and I highly recommend you do.

1.  Gettysburg

Gettysburg is one of my one of my favorite war movies.  It does a great job of telling the story of the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.  I can't recommend this one enough.  Along with that is the amazing work of composer Randy Edelman.  Randy Edelman composes some of the most intense and impressive orchestra music I have heard in a war movie.  Every battle song feels intense and makes you think your in the action, while there are plenty of good soft songs that make you lay back and think.  Edelman also has some good songs that capture the time period with the use of acoustic guitar and banjo in some songs.  This soundtrack also has a good inspirational, driven feel to it.  Almost every song has an inspiration feel that makes you want to press on no matter the obstacle.  One song that comes to mind the March of Mortality song.  It makes you feel like no matter what the situation is you need to try.  This is one movie soundtrack that I like every song on and I cannot recommend it enough.  The soundtrack is available on Itunes, Amazon, and Ebay.  Do whatever it takes, but buy it, listen to it, and enjoy it.  

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