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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Rageaholic Metal Mythos,an Honest Look at Metal

I remember when I discovered Razorfist, AKA The Rageaholic, about three years ago, I was looking up videos about Mass Effect Andromeda and I came across this guy and out of curiosity I decided to watch his.  I was immediately hooked, mainly because he's honest, unfiltered, and at times comical.  I became a fan of his channel and subscribed to it and have watched his video game reviews, movie reviews, I found his political videos amusing as well.  However, my favorite videos from Razorfist, are those from his Metal/ Music Mythos series.

From  Judas Priest, to Styper, to Iron Maiden, he covers many bands and covers them honestly.  Each Metal Mythos episode is basically Razorfist going through a band's career with a combination of a biography and a review of each album the band, the episode is based on, released.  What I like about this series is how much research he puts into these episodes.  He goes deep into a band's history, looking deep into inspirations for the songs and the band's career and history.  The other thing I like is how unfiltered and uncensored he is.  He is not afraid to say what he thinks and he will say it whether you like it or not.  While I don't agree with every single point he makes, I appreciate someone who is honest and at the same time has done the research to back those claims.  He has done the research and knows what he is talking about when he does these episodes.

One thing I need to let you know before you check him out is that the guy has the mouth of a sailor.  He cusses a lot and has no shame about it.  I know that doesn't bother most people, it certainly doesn't bother me, but if you aren't a biggest fan of cussing, you've been warned.

Aside from cussing, this guys does a fantastic job on his videos.  If you are a metal fan, look  Razorfist or The Rageaholic up on YouTube and subscribe to him.  Check out all his Metal Mythos episodes and feel free to request bands you would like him to do an episode on.  He does a level of researched I have seen few do and as a result he produces some of the greatest reviews I have ever seen and it is very entertaining to watch. Check out the links below to see a couple of his Metal Mythos episodes.  Look him up, enjoy his Metal Mythos episodes, and subscribe, in the words of the man himself I leave with Godspeed.        

Iron Maiden Metal Mythos

Stryper Mythos

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