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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Disciple Dive Review

Disciple is a Christian Metal band from Tennessee that formed in 1992.  They have since gone on to release 10 albums and win many dove awards.  Disciple is a pretty diverse sound with some songs sounding like metal core, new metal, and even southern rock.  I discovered Disciple through Pandora Radio many years ago and have since looked deeper and deeper into their catalog.  Since then I have come across my favorite song from the band, Dive.

Dive is a song with great heavy energy that really makes you want to head bang to.  Right out the gate you get that awesome heavy guitar riff that carries into the verse.  The verse in this song does a pattern of a break in the energy and then brings it right back.  This leads to the melodic pre chorus that sets you up for one of the best choruses I have heard in metal.  The chorus continues with the heavy, energetic guitar and is lead with very powerful sounding vocal work.  Vocally, singer Kevin Young does a fantastic job.  He carries every section well and gives it his all in every portion of the song to really help communicate the songs message well.  He is a very powerful singer who is real and you can hear it in his vocals, which I always appreciate in a singer.  Brad Noah does great guitar work as well.  Like I said, the opening riff is great and the heavy guitar in the chorus sounds amazing.  His guitar solo is simple but still sounds good and works well with the song. 

Lyrically I love the authenticity of this song.  Dive is lyrically about being in a rough spot and having that determination to rise above your obstacles, issues, and problems to come out better.  It is a good, motivational song to build morale and determination to make you want to keep going no matter what you are going through.  I really like songs that acknowledge hardships in life and overcoming those obstacles and this song delivers that message very well. 

This is that really have a ton going for it.  Great music, great energy, powerful vocals, and powerful, authentic lyrics.  This I love this song, and would even put in my top 5 favorite metal songs of all time.  Kevin Young does a great job on vocals and Brad Noah's guitar work is impressive.  This song is available on ITunes, and it is a must buy.  If you are a metal head get it, if you like Christian music get it, if you are going through a rough spot you need to buy this song.  With all this, I give Dive a 5 out of 5.  

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