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Thursday, May 25, 2017

David Kaylor, Piano Master of YouTube

David Kaylor is a musician who has recently gained some fame on YouTube for his piano cover of the LA LA LAND soundtrack.  The video has gained over a million views on YouTube and rightfully so, the man is an excellent musician. However, while it may be his most popular video, it is not his only video.  David has done many piano melodies and covers, all of which are excellent and very well done.  

One of my favorite videos on his YouTube channel is his piano melody of the Star Wars Soundtrack.  As a Star Wars fan and John Williams fan, I have to say that David does true justice to this amazing soundtrack justice.  His piano twist is very well executed and brings a unique take to it, musically.  While his LA LA LAND is the most popular, I still highly recommend checking out his Star Wars cover.

Check out the videos of David's performance shown below.  If you like the videos,  you can subscribe to his YouTube channel, or buy his music on ITunes.  If you would like to learn how to play his piano melodies, David has the sheet music for people to learn from as well in the description of his videos.  Check out his music, listen to it, enjoy it.

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