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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Top 5 Dynasty Warriors Series Soundtrack Songs

There are not too many video game soundtracks out there like the Dynasty Warriors series.  While Koei Tecmo is known for throwing together a rock and orchestra combo in their video games, none are done as well done as Dynasty Warriors.  With great energy and melody, Dynasty Warriors makes for one of the best video games soundtrack Koei Tecmo has to offer.  Here is the top 5 soundtrack songs from the Dynasty Warriors Series.

5.  Avenging Battle

Avenging Battle from Dynasty Warriors 4 is  a great battle sounding song with great guitar and a some hints of Japanese music.  Right off the back you get some great dual guitar soloing that really drives the energy and creates a tense feel.  It is followed up by a soft Japanese flute solo, that tones the song down a little bit. Then they end the song with a good melodic guitar solo.  The only flaw in the song is that the final guitar solo is a little repetitive, but it is still a good song and certainly worth listening to.

4.  The Final Battle
The Final Battle from Dynasty Warriors 7 may be one of the longest songs in the the Dynasty Warriors series but it is still very good.  The melodic dual guitar solos are good, and the small bits of power metal sounding guitar is certainly worth noting.  The orchestra in this song is pretty good as well, it may be subtle, but it does add a tension building feel that is effective.  My favorite part of this song is the guitar solo in the middle of it.  It is not tricky, or shredding like, but it has a great melodic sound that goes well with the rest of the music and in its simplicity makes the song better.

3.  Teary Edge
 Teary Edge from Dynasty Warriors 7 Extreme Legends is a little bit different then the other songs on this list so far.  Where as the other songs have been mainly guitar driven, this song is actually piano driven.  While the guitar solos are certainly present in this song, they don't make up the main portion of it.  Overall, the melodic piano leads this song with the orchestra joining it in the chorus.  The piano may be a little repetitive, but the melodic feel it brings is a different take on the series and a welcomed one.

2. Vanish
Vanish from Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends is one of the best examples of orchestra and rock working together I have ever heard.  The orchestra builds up that battle feel and the melodic guitar solos in this song actually give a good emotional feel that makes the song feel more personal.  When you play a level in the game while hearing this song you really start to get a drive and determination to win the level, which is not easy to convey with music in video games.  

1.  A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns from Dynasty Warriors 8 is a great instrumental rock song.  The guitar solos are some of my favorite in the Dynasty Warrior series.  the dual solo's are very energetic and the melodic nature of the solos is amazing.  The part where the orchestra and guitar are playing back to back is awesome and builds into a great moment where both intertwined musically.  Then the guitar build up towards the end of the song is great way to lead to the final section. With great guitar and very energetic rock music, this is one of the best songs in the Dynasty Warriors series.    

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