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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nocturnal Bloodlust Libra Review

Nocturnal Bloodlust is one of the most interesting visual kei band and death metal bands I have ever heard.  While they certainly have a good amount of songs that fit in the traditional death metal, hardcore feel, they are also very melodic with good riffs and powerful vocals.  This song brings out all those different elements this band has very well and as a result you got a unique metal ballad.

Musically this song has a lot going on.  It starts with that mellow build up and then goes into a powerful intro with  Daichi playing a melodic solo and Natsu playing a unique drum beat as he is famous for in this band.  Hiro's vocals are very good and very mixed in this song.  In the verse and chorus he gives a good melodic singing voice and in the middle he gives his death metal, hardcore vocals, giving a good diverse feel to the song.  I personally am not the biggest fan of growling and screaming vocals, however it doesn't kill the song for me and it adds a nice twist to the song that  I can appreciate. Cazqui's solo is a good combo of melodic guitar playing and speed.  He starts out with the classic Japanese speed solo and then goes on to add melodic touches through out and delivers a very good solo.  Cazqui is a very good guitar player and in my opinion he is very underrated.  He is very diverse in his playing and is able to go in whatever direction he chooses rather then sticking to a certain style of soloing as many other guitar players do. 

Lyrically this is a good song as well.  It is basically about standing by the things you love you matter what the obstacles are.  A good message and one that I wish music brought up more often lyrically. The lyrics fit the tone and music perfectly which really makes the message stick out more.  The lyrics are deep and with Hiro's singing matching that deepness, the message really comes through and resonates with you.  

This song certainly has a lot going for it.  With the deep lyrics and a band that has great musicians, you get a real unique and memorable song.  I highly recommend checking this song out, even if you are not a fan of screaming or growling vocals, this song still has a lot to offer.  The guitar playing of Daichi and Cazqui is amazing, Natsu's drum work is impressive, and when Hiro gets melodic he delivers great vocals.  Considering all that and the deep lyrics I give this song a 4.5 out of 5.  

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