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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

Although people don't always think about music in video games, it actually plays a very important roll.  Music in a video sets the tone and helps boost someones experience when playing the game.  Just like when you hear music in a movie, music in video games helps create that memorable experience.  With that, here at the top 5 video game soundtracks

5.  Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 may go down in history as one of the best video games of all time even with all the controversy that it's sequel games would make.  Along with the great game play and fantastic story, it also had one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.  The soundtrack in this game is good combination of a good space scifi and orchestra music.  The scifi music give a good feel of exploration while in space, towns, or exploring a room.  The Orchestra really captures the intensity of the combat you get thrown into.  With such a great combo, this makes a good soundtrack.

4.  Halo Combat Evolved

While Halo may also be a scifi game as well, it's soundtrack is more orchestra and vocal driven then Mass Effect.  When you listen to songs like Truth and Reconciliation, you get feel for what this soundtrack is about.  You start with the mysterious sounding vocals, followed by battle driven orchestra, then comes in with some mysterious sounding space music, and ending with the classic vocals.  Those elements make up this soundtrack and they all blend in well with every level and it really enhances all the combat and mystery you as the player experience in this game. A great piece of orchestra music not to pass up.

3.   Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini has one of the most diverse soundtracks I have ever heard in video games.  The orchestra driven music is different depending on which level you are on.  Some levels give you a straight up battle feel, some make you want to explore the level, and some make you scared and cautious.  What makes this soundtrack great is not just the music, but how well each song fits the level it is attached to.  The music on every level is perfect and sounds amazing and really makes this sound track unique.

2.  Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is good fun music soundtrack, perfect for this game.  It is not orchestra driven like most of the game soundtracks on this list but it doesn't need to be.  They did a good job creating fun sounding music to fit a game more comical game like this one.  There is one sooth sounding song in this game and that is the Water Theme Music.  It has an overall more relaxing feel to it compared to the rest of the music in the game.  However, it still fits its level perfectly and is fun to listen to.  

1.  The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is without a doubt one of my video game soundtracks. While this soundtrack once again fits perfectly with the areas it's attached to, it is also has some great unique music.  With so many classic songs ranging from Song of Storms, The Hyrule Theme, and the Gerudo Valley, you got one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.  Even some of the less famous songs such as The Ice Cavern, The Spirit Temple, and Ganodorf's Battle Theme, are still very well composed and I enjoy listening to them.  I can't recommend looking into this soundtrack enough and if you want to see live performances, every year Nintendo does a Legend of Zelda Symphony world tour that consists of many songs from this specific game's soundtrack.  Check it out and see if the symphony will playing in or near your town, you won't be disappointed.     

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