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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Top 5 Prog Rock Bands

Prog Rock is without a doubt one of the most experimental styles of music out there.  With the unique chords, instrument techniques, and rhythm patterns, this is a musical style that is not like any other.
Prog Rock bands have inspired many musicians to experiment and get better at their instrument and I believe that Prog Rock played a big part in helping music progress and would help bring out some of the greatest musicians we have today.  Lets see the top 5 Prog Rock bands

5.  Yes
Yes is a band that is famed for the unique guitar playing of Steve Howe, and the high range vocals of Jon Anderson.  Started in the 70's, Yes is considered one of the fore fathers of Prog and would develop a sound driven by clean guitar playing, high vocals, and space sounding keyboards. Yes would go through many line up changes through out the decades but every musician that has ever been apart of this band is very talented and helped Yes produce many great songs.  The band got inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 and all the long time members got together and put on an amazing performance.  Yes has a huge catalog of great albums and music, all of which are available on ITunes, Amazon, or to preview on Spotify, check them out,

4.  U.K.
Now, UK may not be one of the most popular Prog bands in the world, but they are still a very talented band that deserves recognition.  They are known mainly for their keyboard player, Eddie Jobson, however, their guitar player Allan Holdsworth  and bass player/ singer Bill Bruford are also worth noting.  They bring their own great musical styles that really give UK a great sound.  Their self titled first album got them on a good start to fame.  However, due to musical differences and with punk on the rise, the band never got the chance to reach their full potential and would disband in 1980, with them only putting out two studio albums. Since then, the band has done some one off reunions here and there but sadly they will mainly go down in history as a speck in rock history.  Their first 2 albums are both amazing and I can't recommend them enough, buy them.

3.  Genesis

Most people know Genesis for their mega success in the 80's, however they actually started off in the 70's as a talented Prog Rock band.  Back then, Phil Collins was the bands drummer and lead vocals was performed by Peter Gabriel. Steve Hackett played guitar while Mike Rutherford stuck to bass.  Through out the 70's this version of the band would go on to put out some Prog classics such as the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, and since has inspired many current bands such as the popular Mastadon.  Genesis would stick to Prog until the 80's when Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel left.  Then we got the pop hit Genesis most people know of.  However though, they did keep small elements of Prog in their music through out the 80's.  They got inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 2010, securing their place in music history.  I highly recommend checking out this bands 70's Prog, even if you prefer their 80's era, don't hesitate to give this era a listen.

2.  Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is most certainly one of the most famous Prog bands in history.  Ranging from the excellent guitar playing of David Gilmour to keyboard mastery of Rick Wright, Pink Floyd is defiantly a legendary band.  They started in the 60's as a more psychedelic band, but once David Gilmour joined they went full Prog.  Some of the bands most famous albums consist of Dark Side of The Moon, and The Wall.  Sadly, with the bands bass player, Roger Waters, trying to seek more control in the band, the tension got intense and would lead to bad blood between Roger Waters and the rest of the band.  In 1980 Roger Waters left Pink Floyd and since then there has been nothing but negative feelings between the rest of the band and him.  While they have done a few shows with Roger Waters since then, they overall can't stand to be in the same room with him, so don't get your hopes up on a reunion.  The band got inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 1996 and rightfully so considering how much of an impact they made to music.  I don't think I have to recommend looking into this band, chances are you have heard quite a few songs from them already.

1.  Rush

Rush is possibly the biggest Prog Rock band around today.  With all three members being extremely talented musicians, they busted out a good combination of Prog and Hard rock that is still relevant today.  From the fantastic drum work of  Neil Peart, to the high range vocals and bass playing of Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson's guitar playing, everybody brings something unique that truly makes Rush a one of a kind band.  They almost didn't make it, but once they came out with the 2112 album they cemented their place in music history and would continue to produce great music through the following decades.  The band finally got inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 and all I can say is it's about time.  You have heard some songs from this band already from radio, t.v., and movies,  but I urge you to look deeper into this bands catalog and see all that they have to offer.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed. 

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